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Are you thinking of picking up an instrument? Have you considered the ukulele? Beyond the beautiful, plucky sound, ukuleles are an excellent beginner instrument. They are easy to learn, affordable, and they can segue into other stringed instruments.

However, before you buy a ukulele, it’s important to understand they are not one size fits all. Like other musical instruments, there are quite a few different options. This guide will examine the many unique types of ukulele.

Read on to determine which is right for you. You’ll be stringing together songs in no time.


Like the saxophone, the ukulele has a soprano version. What’s more, the soprano is easily the most common example of this instrument.

This is the smallest in the fleet with 12-15 frets. It measures around 21″ in length. As such, this four-string may be better suited to musicians with smaller hands and nimble fingers.

Generally, the traditional sound you think of comes from a soprano ukulele. For beginners, this is a popular choice. The soprano ukulele is the cheapest option.


The next possibility is the alto or concert ukulele. It is slightly larger than the soprano at 23″ and 15-20 frets. The longer neck means tighter strings. This translates to less bend in the notes.

Because of its bigger size, the concert ukulele has a more robust sound than its small sister instrument. This rich reverb led to its concert name.

Many players believe the concert uke is a more comfortable fit. The price will vary greatly depending on the quality. You can shop concert ukuleles here to see what is available.


Moving up in size, the tenor ukulele is next in line. Measuring in at 26″, the tenor can have an excess of 15 frets. As the sizes rise in each class, the sound becomes fuller.

The tenor also has a bit more heft to it in your hands than the small version. For this reason, some musicians think it is the best fit. However, the sound you want to achieve is the most important factor when selecting a ukulele.


In terms of both size and sound, the baritone ukulele is the boss. The baritone is 30+” in length. To give you some perspective, the average guitar is about 38″.

The baritone will have 19 or more frets to play on. The interesting thing about this style is the tuning. Unlike the smaller version, the baritone is tuned down lower. This results in the deepest sound available. The size and sound have a blues quality.


This is among the most unique styles of this instrument. As the name suggests, the banjolele is a hybrid between a banjo and a ukulele.

The strings and tuning are the same as the smaller ukes, but these have the body of a banjo. These instruments are louder and sharper than traditional ukuleles.

Because of the distinct design, the banjolele may be better suited to experienced musicians. The banjolele sound is one of a kind

The Types of Ukulele for You

With a better understanding of the types of ukulele on the market, you should have an idea of which suits you. Though, even when you decide, there is no reason you can’t learn them all as you progress.

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