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A survey recently reported that while 82% of Americans have garages, less than 20% of them use their garages to park their car. Garages are no longer single-purpose rooms. Rather, individuals are converting these spaces into additional storage, hang-out spots, gyms, offices, and other layouts to meet their needs or specific hobbies.

Due to the versatility of the space, more homeowners are branching out and experimenting with different types of garage floors.

Keep reading to learn all about garage floor options, and which ones are best suited for the home!

1. Types of Garage Floors: Concrete

One of the first kinds of garage floors is concrete flooring. This material is incredibly strong and durable and resistant to scratches or dents. Concrete is also low maintenance and relatively inexpensive depending on the amount being used, and whether or not it has a coat or finish.

Using a coating service, like Garage Force, can create more aesthetic appeal, improve stain resistance, and increase the value of a home.

This type of flooring is recommended if a garage is used for parking, or as a place to use and store a workbench and heavy-duty tools.

2. Epoxy

Epoxy is most commonly used in commercial or industrial spaces, such as garages and hospitals.

Epoxy is a coating utilized on many types of flooring but is most often poured over concrete. Epoxy creates a hard, plastic floor that is both stain and slip-resistant.

3. Rubber

For homeowners looking to convert their garage into an at-home gym, or a playroom for kids, rubber is a popular option. Rubber flooring is durable, soft, and shock-absorbent. In a gym, this makes the flooring uniquely suited to handle making it uniquely suited to handle heavy equipment and weights.

The flooring is also a safe option for children because it offers cushioning in case of a fall, and it is easy to clean.

4. Carpet

Carpet is one of the best garage floors, especially when homeowners are attempting to convert their garage into another living or hang-out space.

The carpet will give the garage a more cozy and relaxed feel. Carpet is also customizable and allows homeowners to personalize the space with certain colors or patterns. Carpet is easy to manage by vacuuming.

If a carpet is ever stained, it can be easily removed with a carpet cleaner or alternative stain removal solutions. Unfortunately, the carpet cannot and should not be parked on. Once the carpet is in a garage, it can no longer be used as a parking space.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl is another flooring option for home garages and is popular inside the home as well. This flooring is also preferred for how easy it is to clean. All homeowners need to do is sweep and mop to maintain the glossy quality.

Final Determinations

It is difficult to say which types of garage floors are best, as all have their pros and cons. Ultimately, the best garage flooring for any homeowner is one that meets their requirements in regards to the intended use. Other factors homeowners may want to consider when buying new garage floors are the cost, difficulty of installation, and temperature/moisture sensitivity.

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