There’s no better way to reinvigorate your love for your space than a little design update. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can invest in high-end window coverings or custom lighting. But there are many things you can do to redecorate your bedroom that cost little to no money yet make a dynamic impact. By incorporating some of these tips, like using wall stencils to add a pop of personality to your space, you can create a dreamy bedroom space without going broke. 


Most design experts agree there’s no better  “bang for your buck” than paint to make a statement in any room. Your bedroom should be a relaxing and reflective space, and color is a great place to start. Paint can completely change the mood of the room, as well as perceptions of size and space. Cooler colors tend to recede and make a room look bigger, while warmer tones feel like they’re coming toward you, making a room feel cozier. Paint is a great way to address unsightly issues in the room, like an old water stain or paneled walls. You can paint the entire room for a cohesive vibe or paint one accent wall to make a statement and draw attention.

Add Inexpensive Art Accents

You don’t have to invest in a Picasso to make an impactful artistic impression in a room. Consider attending a student art show or your local gallery. They often have very affordable pricing, and you can support small businesses and artists in your community. 

An affordable trend in wall decor is to use cloth tapestries or wall hangings. They lend a chic, boho vibe to a room and are widely available at very reasonable price points in many different styles and colors. We love these mini cotton canvas tapestries with bright colors and inspirational messages. A dynamic scarf can be an excellent workspace backdrop or function as a fun twist on a traditional headboard. 

Poster books are also increasing in popularity and available in many styles and themes.

This colorful book of mini-posters features 12 different options and costs less than the price of one large poster from a novelty shop.

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Add a Throw Rug

Adding a throw rug to your bedroom is another efficient decor choice for defining a space inexpensively. Large, room-sized area rugs can be expensive, but smaller throws are cheaper and generally more than sufficient for a bedroom. A white jute accent rug is a fun finishing touch that complements many styles, from contemporary to shabby chic. Crafted from neutral natural fibers, it features a unique, hand-painted design that only looks expensive.

Shop at Home

While it can be tempting to start filling a cart when you tackle a redecorating project, keep in mind that your home is likely full of things you already love. Relocating a dining room mirror or repurposing an entryway bench are smart and free ways to dramatically change the look of your bedroom no matter your budget. 

Visit a Thrift Store or Flea Market

Layering of the old with the new is one of the hottest design trends for 2020, and there’s no better place to find that perfect diamond in the rough than a thrift store or flea market. Gently used items from the thrift store typically cost pennies on the dollar you’d pay for something brand new. Secondhand shops or community markets often have the kind of unique finds that will define your space. The fact that your recycling is also helping the environment is a bonus.

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Bring the Outside In

Natural elements in a space create a sense of relaxation that every bedroom should have. Succulents (real or faux) continue to be a popular choice in home and garden design. They’re typically inexpensive—or free if you can acquire a few clippings from a friend or neighbor—and they’re easy to care for, so you run less of a risk than investing in a higher-priced orchid plant that may require a greener thumb.

Inexpensive bouquets from your neighborhood farmer’s market or dried grasses and flowers can be displayed in all kinds of fun, unorthodox containers, from an old perfume bottle to a reasonably priced basket from a discount store. Cute planters can be used for potted plants, flowers, faux succulents, or stems of fresh-cut eucalyptus to lend fun, inexpensive warmth to any space.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Because your bed likely takes up most of the space in your bedroom, just changing out the bedding can make it feel like a completely different room. Keep an eye out for sales at your favorite department store chain for cost-effective bedding sets that include sheets and shams in addition to the bedspread or comforter. There are usually some good deals to be found around back to school time when dorm room decor is in high demand.

If you can’t afford an entirely new bed ensemble, adding a couple of small pillows or an accent throw can make a significant impact that won’t break the bank. A fleece blanket in light pink can add a cozy feminine touch to the end of a bed. And it’s comfy to wrap up in, too. We also love the girl-power options available in these colorful pillows.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes all it takes to alter the look of a room completely is a little rearranging and reorganization. You could move your bed to the wall opposite the bedroom door or place a small dresser you don’t love in the closet for storage, not on display. Taller furniture like a bookcase tends to function better in a corner, while a low profile desk may fit best under the window. Small items like an accent chair can be positioned at a catty-corner to create more visual interest.

Express Yourself Inexpensively

Redecorating on a budget is relatively easy if you’re willing to think a little outside the box and make inexpensive changes with maximum impact. Your bedroom can become the sanctuary of your dreams with some cozy, personal adjustments that don’t have to cost a lot of money to be highly effective.

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