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It’s time to start planning your next vacation now that COVID seems to be wrapping up.

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve seen your favorite city quite a few times. You’ve visited the same restaurants and walked the same streets as everyone else.

What if you could zoom out? You would see everything from a new angle. You could catch glimpses of sites never before seen if you had a different perspective.

Boat tours provide this unique experience. Embark on a watery adventure around (or through) your next vacation destination! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or total local, you’ll share in the benefits of boat cruises.

Read on to hear our list of the best boat cruises in America!

10. The Jet Express – Ohio

Your voyage around Lake Erie will provide stunning views of every island in the vicinity.

Enjoy open-air seating as you wine and dine along the bright skyline of Port Clinton.

9. Adeline’s Sea Moose – Chicago

One of our absolute favorite boat tours is the hottest private party in Chicago… yours!

Perfect for a festive holiday get-together or murder mystery game night. You can rent out a private yacht and see the skyline of Chicago with your closest friends. Learn more about this experience here!

8. Private Boating on the Hurricane Deck Boat

Sail along Clearwater Beach on Florida’s gulf coast to see dolphins and relax on private beaches.

Read all about this yacht’s COVID-safe measures here!

7. Blue Water Adventure – SC

Board a two-seat catamaran to explore South Carolina’s pristine coast and search for marine life!

If a group scene is more your thing, this tour line offers party boat experiences as well.

6. Holo Holo Charters – Kauai, Hawaii

What better way to see Hawaii’s breathtaking landscapes than to set sail around the island?

Instead of spending days hiking, you can see all of the island’s lush vegetation, waterfalls, and exotic sea caves in one afternoon.

5. Historic Antebellum South

This seven-night boat tour is an entire vacation in itself.

Tour around notable destinations in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The sites are perfect for history buffs!

4. One Hour Seattle Sightseeing Cruise

Only six people are allowed per tour, so this trip is COVID-friendly! Sail around Seattle’s scenic skyline while you sip drinks.

Your captain is also trained in delicious cocktail making, so you’ll enjoy your favorite drinks while receiving personalized attention from the skipper himself.

3. Circle Line: Complete Manhatten Island Cruise

The name says it all with this boat tour. At two and a half hours, you’ll sail where no other tour goes. Literally.

This is the only boat tour in NYC that sails the whole perimeter of the island so you’ll see everything from The Bronx to the Statue of Liberty!

2. Private Luxury Whale Watch

In the heart of Juneau, Alaska, this tour is the height of class. You and seven others can board a private yacht to witness the wonders of Alaskan wildlife.

This is an expensive tour at $2,599, but the all-included nature will not disappoint.

1. Red Boat Water Tours – St. Augustine, FL

This beautiful city boasts many boat tours, but this is our favorite.

You can choose which cruise fits you best, from full moon excursions to dolphin watching (and of course, BYOB options nestled in the middle).

Ready to Plan Your Next Tour?

After reading about these incredible experiences, we hope that you feel encouraged to embark on your adventures throughout America’s unique waterways!

For more travel tips and tricks, or to read about business and lifestyle trends you need, check out our other informative blog posts!

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