Top digital transformation trends Top digital transformation trends

Smart technology solutions are an inevitable part of modern business, especially in high-tech industries. On top of that, tech is continually evolving – every year represents a new opportunity for companies to adapt to new trends. Tech has an impact on almost every area of business, and therefore, it can’t be ignored. In this article, we will show you the top six digital transformation trends in high-tech industries for 2020.


Blockchain was mostly used around cryptocurrency and its market. However, many companies are continually finding more ways to use Blockchain. Other concepts, such as validating product authenticity and securing transactions are also suitable for Blockchain. In the modern world, security and privacy are more important than ever. There are numerous predictions that 2020 will be the year where it will also be used in food safety, intellectual property, as well as real estate management. If Blockchain finally goes beyond cryptocurrency this year, it will become a massive game-changer in the mentioned industries.

5G networks

Last year, telecommunication companies introduced the 5G network to the world. There are numerous benefits of this network. The most significant factors are faster connectivity at lower latencies, as well as lower power consumption. Consequently, 5G networks will influence many innovations – from media to cloud services and augmented reality. Every industry is going to get transformed, and 5G won’t only be limited to phones. Opportunities for companies will be tremendous, and also the value in different business areas.

Advanced and accessible equipment

Modern, innovative technologies impacted almost every industry in the business world. Not only that these technologies help businesses save time and money, but also, companies that don’t adapt quickly to tech trends will sooner or later disappear from the market. That’s why it is crucial to be in touch with all the latest trends. For instance, in the oil industry, there were a lot of changes recently. Innovations in this field are saving both time and energy, and companies need to switch to a new way of operating. Also, there are great oilfield equipment marketplaces where companies can purchase everything they need online. Again, the time-saving benefit is massive since people won’t have to visit another country (or even continent) to buy specific tools.

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality

Until now, virtual reality (VR) wasn’t used beyond some narrow niches. High-tech companies were not trying to focus as much on it as they did on augmented reality (AR). They tend to believe that VR won’t be that profitable. However, in 2020, there is a high chance that we are going to see the rise of virtual and mixed reality (MR). Mixed reality, which is the combination of augmented and virtual reality, has the potential to be used by many large businesses. Also, augmented reality should keep its popularity, too. Because of it, companies can superbly present their products. AR provides super rendered images with realistic effects, especially lighting.

Data-driven decisions and artificial intelligence

High-tech companies are nowadays heading towards data reliable processes in real-time. Logically, you can’t make a data-driven decision if your data is incomplete or outdated. Businesses are making the concept of data-driven decisions the only trustworthy option in the digital world. They are developing infrastructure and software which deliver reliable data. That’s the only way to increase efficiency and make smarter choices. Also, artificial intelligence (AI) today means much more than chatbots and automated emails. In 2020, we will see even more companies strengthening their AI and machine learning. Those tech solutions will be widely adopted throughout the world.

User and customer experience

Even though it is still very important how you develop new products, solutions about the development are nowadays far more crucial. Businesses are continually finding new ways on how to enhance customer experience (CX). And customers are also spoiled with new tech solutions. They want fast and easy answers, and it is possible only with implementing new solutions for customer satisfaction.

Digital transformation is moving super fast, and high-tech companies are the ones who dictate overall trends. The real power of every modern company is to adapt to these new solutions as quickly as possible in order to grow.

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