Tips to improve your online blackjack skills Tips to improve your online blackjack skills

Playing blackjack online is a lot more fun when you’re winning. Of course, while we cannot guarantee a win, there are some things that we can suggest that will help you hone your blackjack skills and improve your overall gameplay. This may, in turn, lead you to land a win more frequently. Join us as we share with you a few top tips for playing blackjack online.

1. Pick the Right Variant

First and foremost, it is essential that you pick the right variant. Each blackjack variant can differ wildly from the others. Learn how each variant’s RTP, house edge, rules, and payouts differ. Some blackjack games may be more beneficial for you (or less ideal) based on how they are played. Get an idea of how they work, and you might find a hidden gem that is very much your cup of tea.

2. Practice and Play for Free Before Wagering Real Money

After finding a blackjack variant that works for you, we’d recommend playing it for free before you wager real money on the blackjack game. This way, you can practice and make sure that it is ideal before risking your cash. At the same time, you can also practice strategy without risking your money by playing for free. In terms of strategy, we’ve got some advice there, too…

3. Stick to Basic Strategy

Whether you play BJ at Rollers.io or any other online casino, you should always make use of Basic Strategy. This is a table that tells you what move to make and when to make it based on the cards on the table. As you’re playing online, you don’t need to memorise this – you can print out a Basic Strategy chart and keep it beside you while you play – the online casino won’t notice any difference. Do not underestimate how much you can improve your odds of success by using Basic Strategy.

4. Never Split a Pair of 10s

When you play blackjack on the net, one of the most important rules to remember is not to split a pair of 10s. It can be tempting because that would give you two hands of ten, but you’re throwing away a likely winning hand (20) to do so. It is just not worth the risk. Many blackjack players fall foul of this rule when playing online, so we really don’t recommend that you do it.

5. Double If Your First Two Cards Total 11

While it is important not to split a pair of 10s, it is also essential that you double down if your first two cards amount to eleven points. There is a good reason for this. Ten is the most common card in a blackjack deck (if you count face cards). A ten goes very nicely with an eleven to make 21 (blackjack). Your best shot of landing a blackjack is if you already have an eleven. This is one of the few times in the game when we suggest you double your bet to maximise what you can win if you do indeed go on to land blackjack.

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