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After coming home from a very tiring and stressful job, you’d want to relax and enjoy some few extra hours before going to bed. But, as soon as you step in your house, the first thing that greets you is the mess left behind by your children. This kind of occurrence is what motivates parents to hire a maid. Just never forget the maid’s well-being no matter what. 

Well, having an extra pair of hands wouldn’t be bad, especially if you’re almost busy the whole week. 

When you decide to hire a maid, you should know how to get the ideal one. Every employer will have to go through some steps before being able to hire a maid. In some cases, after months of going through the boring selection, assessment, and training process, the domestic helper is not a good match for the family. Even though your maid is not as good as you expected, you as an employer still need to perform your responsibilities to her- one of which is ensuring they’re in good condition to work.

You are responsible for sending your maid for an FDW medical check up every six months during her work period. Such medical examinations, also known as FDW 6-Monthly Medical Examination, are for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and tuberculosis.

With all that said, this has shown that your maid’s well being is also important. Here, you’ll learn some tips to ensure that your maid’s well-being is taken importance.

How important is my maid’s well-being?

Your maid is also a human, and knowing how to treat her right is a must. Just because she works for you, it doesn’t give you the right to be rude to her or not give her health importance. Treating your maid with respect can do so much for her already. Not only that, you won’t worry about her causing any trouble if you treat her right because she’ll also treat you with respect and will make sure that she doesn’t ruin your trust with her. 

Being a proper maid employer means that you’ll need to give your maid a proper place to stay. Make room for her where she can have her privacy and rest undisturbed. Her space must have essential facilities, such as a comfortable mattress, bedding, and adequate ventilation. It would help if you had fair and adequate meals for your maid when it comes to regular meals. Some employers eat together with their maid, which helps to build a stronger relationship with them. If you’re too busy for that, ensure that they eat as much as they can. This way, they can stay healthy and energized for work.

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Tips for Proper Maid Employer Management

Knowledge of proper management is necessary if you plan to hire a maid. Otherwise, you’ll be changing maids repeatedly, and it can be quite expensive. Also, each time you change your maid, your family will have to keep adjusting. This is mostly a concern for those who have younger children that need to be cared for. When your maid keeps changing, your child will have a hard time to get comfortable with her.

If you want to make sure your maid complies with her tasks, it’s best that you apply the following maid’s well-being tips that we’ll be giving throughout this article. These tips not only keep your maid well behaved, but it will also teach you how to become a proper employer.

Create a Fair Agreement Contract for You and Your Maid

You have to come up with an employment contract before you hire maids in Singapore, which will cover you and your maid. Having it in writing is much easier because it acts as a reference that helps to prevent confusion for both employer and employee.

When hiring maids in Singapore, what do you include in a contract? Your FDW salaries, placement loan, the total number of rest days per month, and compensation if she intends to work on her rest day are just a few of the factors you should put in your employment contract. This helps to ensure that you and your maid are being fair to each other. If you hire a maid through a maid agency, you can ask them to help you with the employment contract. Ask your maid agency about the early termination of a contract of employment and a protection arrangement.

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Ensure your maid gets her 6-Monthly ME

One of the requirements the Ministry of Manpower requires every employer is to ensure that their maid gets her 6-monthly medical check-up. As a maid works six days a week, it can prove to be incredibly physically and mentally exhausting. Beyond these unique causes, maids are vulnerable to taking ill.

In addition, your maid stays at your home with your family, and you’d want to make sure she’s in good health. Well, you wouldn’t want to worry about your maid infecting your family with certain diseases, right? 

You, as an employer, are responsible for the maid’s well-being and for taking care of the six-monthly medical test of your maid. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, MOM (Ministry of Manpower) requires it. Not complying with the said requirement will lead to her work permit getting revoked. A maid’s 6-Monthly ME ensures that she is safe and able to function by doing a checkup every six months. You can never ask your maid to pay for her 6ME, or you’ll violate the rules. 

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