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Around 96% of people use social media event marketing to increase awareness about their events. Are you? And if so, are you doing it right? 

Event planners put their heart and soul into organizing the perfect event. But it doesn’t stop there. What’s a fantastic event if no one knows about it? Promoting your event is a challenge, but these three top tips will make it that much easier for you. 

1. Offer Early Bird Tickets 

Offering early bird incentives when you sell tickets is a fantastic way to get people excited about your event. What’s more, it gives you the opportunity to gauge the level of interest in your event and promote accordingly. If people aren’t rushing to buy your tickets at discount, then you need to change up your marketing strategy. 

You can also offer multiple stages of ticket buying, the price increasing as the event date approaches. Ensure that your tickets are easy to buy with a fantastic third-party ticket selling app. The last thing you want is customers having a frustrating experience when buying tickets and leaving the site empty-handed. 

2. Get Busy on Your Socials

If party event planners aren’t making the most of social media platforms they’re missing out. Social media event promotion should be a huge element of your event marketing strategy. There are plenty of creative ways to boost the hype about your live events. 

Offer behind-the-scenes content and footage, giving your audience a little taste of what’s to come. You can also use retargeting ads on social media to stay at the top of people’s feeds. Run social media contests, post great content or host a challenge. 

Lastly, you absolutely need a unique event hashtag. Hashtags create a conversation, give people a channel to ask questions, and make content ultra shareable — #don’tmissout. 

3. Put Effort Into Your Email Marketing 

There are two types of event planners in this world — those that think email marketing is dead and those who don’t. Be the latter. While social media is a powerful tool, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of a targeted and creative email marketing campaign. 

If you don’t already have a mailing list from previous events you can build one by incentivizing people to subscribe with discounted tickets, giveaways, and goodies. 

Once you have a mailing list the options are endless. You can announce special tickets, provide ‘tell a friend’ offers and get crucial feedback. What do event planners do? Everything. Including amazing email marketing. 

Stand Out from Other Event Planners 

An event planner’s responsibilities go way beyond organizing a great event and selling tickets. It’s up to you to ensure that the event promotion creates the hype that your party deserves. Use these three tips to take your marketing to the next level. Grow your emailing list, take full advantage of social media and incentivize people with special ticket offers!

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