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7 Tips for Choosing a Direct Primary Care Physician

Around 465,000 physicians in the U.S have adopted the direct primary care (DPC) practice model, which shows it’s an effective option for many Americans. 

Choosing the right physician is crucial to maintaining your health and having an expert you can rely on. But with so many options available on your insurance, it’s difficult to know how to find the best fit for you. Maybe you’re currently in this position and you’re looking for advice. 

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got it covered. Here are seven tips to help you find a direct primary care physician.  

1. Outline Your Needs 

Before choosing a doctor, it’s important to know your needs. You may have a chronic illness or want a general physician who can conduct regular tests and screenings. Know, that if you want a specialist then thorough research is essential. 

2. Ask for Referrals 

Another way of finding a primary care doctor is by asking for referrals. Reach out to your friends and family to find out whether they would recommend their doctor. You could also contact a health advisor for tips on finding a primary care physician.   

3. Read Online Reviews 

Whether you’re searching for an expert in family medicine or podiatry, reading online reviews is crucial. This will give you valuable insight into whether the primary care physician is professional and reliable. You can even contact past patients directly to see whether they’d recommend the doctor. 

4. Refer to Your Insurance Plan 

There is no point in spending hours comparing physicians, only to find they’re not accepted on your health insurance plan. To prevent this, call your insurance provider and double-check direct primary care is covered. If not, you must pay for each appointment, which can be costly.  

5. Check the Location 

Although it sounds insignificant, find a physician near your office or home. You don’t want to spend hours commuting, especially if you need regular check-ups. At the very least, choose an office that’s accessible via public transport to avoid disappointment. 

6. Consider Office Hours  

Another important consideration is the physician’s office hours. If you work full-time, make sure the practice is open afterward, otherwise, it will compromise your job. You should also find a candidate who is available over weekends so it’s more accessible. 

7. Ask the Right Questions 

Not all direct primary care physicians are created equal, so come equipped with the right questions. Ask where the doctor has trained and if they’re board certified as it proves they’re credible. You should also ask how you can communicate with the physician for peace of mind. 

Further, find out how easy it is to secure an appointment and your first impression of the practice. For instance, the staff should be welcoming and the office should be pristine.  

Choose a Direct Primary Care Physician Today 

Hopefully, you will find the direct primary care of your dreams.

Before your search, it’s important to outline your needs and ask around for referrals. You should also browse online reviews and factor in accessibility, especially if you have a busy schedule. Good luck! 

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