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Are you experiencing difficulty recording clips for a podcast or YouTube show?

It can get annoying when your audio recordings suffer from too much clipping, background noise, or popping sounds. They make your work sound unprofessional. Fortunately, you don’t need to seek a professional recording studio or producer to clean things up.

We’ve got five tips prepared below to help you learn the steps to achieve better recordings. Continue reading to learn more, starting with buying a better microphone:

1. Get a Better Mic

If you want to get clean audio recordings, the first thing you need is a good mic.

Don’t get a dynamic mic for voice over or narration work. It’s more ideal for loud sounds. For studio voice overs, you should get a condenser microphone.

To reduce plosive sounds, such as the extra noise when uttering the letters “p” and “s,” use a pop filter.

2. Clean Up Noise

Use a program like Audacity, upload the audio file, and clean up any remaining background noise. Don’t fret, you don’t need expert technical skills to get this done.

It won’t remove all the noise and doing too much cleaning and ruin the clarity of the audio. Make sure to clean a few clips first before applying the noise reduction profile to the whole file.

3. Invest In Soundproofing

If you can work in a recording studio, go for it. Don’t panic if you can’t, however. Insulate the sound in your recording room with thick blankets, insulation walls, or soundproofing panels.

Buy a soundproofing panel too. Use these panels and surround your mic to reduce echoes.

4. Voice Modulation

Learn how to modulate your voice. Find the right depth and tone for better clarity. You’ll also need to practice your breathing and find the right distance between your lips and the mic.

Do you need some help modulating your voice? Learn additional tips from experts and pick up lessons online, like the ones available at the Sloan School of Music.

5. Use a Teleprompter

If you have to narrate a long piece, don’t hesitate to keep the script nearby. However, if you need to record audio and video at the same time, you don’t want the audience to see your eyes veering off to read an off-screen sheet. Use a teleprompter to keep your eyes glued to the camera.

Achieve Better Audio Recordings Today

Now you know how to achieve better audio recordings. Use a teleprompter, modulate your voice, clean up the audio file, get a good mic, and soundproof as much as possible. Doing these five things will guarantee better-sounding recordings.

Of course, you still need to practice and discover a setup that works for you.

Recording is only the first step, however. If you need to learn how to market your work or how to edit and piece clips together, we suggest going over more of our in-depth tech guides today.

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