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You’ve probably heard of the honor society, but do you know what it is?

There are tons of honor societies across the country, so in all likelihood, your school offers one. But why join? And what can an honor society do for your current and future needs?

Let’s go through what the honor society is, so you can decide whether it’s worth joining

What Is the Honor Society?

An honor society is a group that people join in recognition of their leadership skills or academic accomplishments. You may join a high school honor society or a college honor society.

Usually, you have to be invited or apply to join an honor society; you can’t just show up and join willy-nilly. When applying, you may have to write an essay, demonstrate your commitment to service and your community, explain your previous leadership, and many other possibilities.

Most honors societies will require a high GPA for all their applicants and members.

You may also have to pay an entrance fee to join, or dues to remain a good-standing member of the honor society.

Why is The Honor Society Important?

Joining an honor society has a few benefits you may want to consider. You can network by joining an honor society, which could allow you better job opportunities in the future. Just joining an honor society will look great on a resume, will add some prestige, and will boost your chances of getting the job of your dreams in the future

Honor societies can also give you specific guidance and counseling on how to achieve your goals and advance your career. Some honor societies may offer conferences where you can meet members from around the country (or even the world).

Your honor society may have publications, so you can get published more quickly and get your name out there.

And, honor societies can help empower you to reach your goals and to try and achieve on as high a level as possible. If your honor society offers a mentorship program, you can get real specific training and advice to help you achieve your goals and start a great career in the field of your choosing.

Honor societies celebrate your achievements and how well you’ve done in your life so far. That can help boost your self-esteem, which will make you even better at achieving your goals.

The Direct Benefits of Joining an Honor Society

Plus, honor societies can be directly financially beneficial. Some of them offer scholarships you can apply for, depending on your qualifications and needs. Some of these could be needs-based scholarships, and others might be merit-based scholarships.

Sometimes, honors societies will offer exclusive job listings, internships, or study abroad opportunities that may not otherwise be available to you. Others may offer discounts at stores you frequent.

If you’re a high school student, joining an honor society can be a great way to boost your college applications and give yourself a better shot of admission at the school of your dreams.

Other Organizations To Join Through School

An honor society isn’t the only type of organization you can join to try and achieve your goals. There are tons of others that may be helpful for you, depending on what you’re looking to achieve and what niches you’re interested in.

For example, if you’re interested in sports, there are tons of different athletics associations and sports teams you will want to consider joining. If you’re looking to make new friends, try joining a sorority or a fraternity.

Some other examples of organizations you may want to join, along with an honor society, include the following:

  • Debate clubs or discussion groups
  • Music appreciation societies, film societies
  • Departmental clubs
  • Chess clubs, clubs to play cards in, and other gaming groups
  • Photography and arts and crafts clubs
  • Volunteering and community service groups
  • Animal rights and zoology
  • Journalism, media, and broadcasting
  • Religious based organizations, such as Hillel
  • Advocacy and political awareness groups

What are you waiting for? Start looking into different organizations you can sign up for today.

Choosing the Right Honor Society

Your school may offer more than one honor society. So, how do you know that you’re choosing the right one? Look into what each honor society offers its members, so you can decide which one will help you achieve your future goals. Read through their constitutions, and see if the society aligns with your goals, interests, and morals.

Check each honor society’s website, and look to ensure that they have the proper accreditation, and read through to see if staff are listed on their website. That’s how you’ll be able to tell if an honor society is legitimate.

You can also read reviews of the honor society you’re considering, or ask around to see what other people’s experiences with the organization have been in the past. If you have an advisor, you may want to ask them what their opinion on the organization is.

You don’t want to end up stuck in an organization full of people you have nothing in common with, after all.

Ultimately, there’s no wrong decision. Different honor societies suit different people. It’s all about what works for your interests and needs.

Honor Society: A Personal Choice

Clearly, there is a benefit to joining an honor society. But, it’s ultimately a personal choice. You’ll have to decide if an honor society is a good fit for you.

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