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Heart disease is a tragic fact of modern American life, with over half a million people dying from it each year. Your heart is, of course, one of the most important aspects of your overall health and wellbeing. Despite that, too many of us neglect the health of our tickers.

So, let’s see if we can’t change that, shall we? Let’s give a quick rundown of the myriad types of heart disease that affect people today, and how you can prevent them.

Keep reading for a few tips on common heart problems and the types of foods and exercise you can use to minimize your risk.

Let’s go!

How Many Types of Heart Disease Are There?

By far the most common type of heart disease afflicting us these days is coronary heart disease. That’s the one cause by a buildup of plaque (created by cholesterol) in the tubes of your heart. The plaque restricts blood flow, lessening blood flow around the body and weakening the overall health of your heart.

In the long run, that can cause permanent injury and, yes, even death. Just one more reason it’s so important to keep an eye on what you eat!

But coronary heart disease isn’t the only type of heart disease out there. There are also congenital defects to worry about. For obvious reasons, there’s not much a person can do to avoid inheriting a genetic predisposition to poor heart health. Nevertheless, you can do yourself a favor by getting regular checkups, allowing your doctors to catch these problems before they become major.

There are plenty more specific types of heart disease, but let’s go over a few symptoms. That way, you can get yourself to a doctor as soon as you notice any of these tell-tale signs.

What Symptoms of Heart Disease Are There?

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your heart is chest pain. Now, don’t worry too much. Just because your chest hurts doesn’t mean you need to immediately check yourself in with atrial fibrillation. But if you notice you’ve been having frequent and regular chest pains, especially if you’re a little older, it’s a good idea to get yourself check out by a doctor.

Another key symptom of heart problems is breathing difficulties. You might think you have lung issues, but difficulty breathing (and subsequent tiredness and lightheadedness) can sometimes be caused by issues with your pulmonary and cardiovascular system. If you experience these issues, see a doctor!

Healthy Heart, Happy Life

That’s only a brief look at the deep and multi-faceted subject of the many types of heart disease. Despite the prevalence of deaths from heart problems, not enough people pay attention to the health of their heart.

So, now that you know what to look for, make sure you don’t get taken by a very unpleasant surprise!

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