Naturally, dogs lose damaged or old hair regardless of the breed. This is a normal process in dogs. However, the frequency and the amount of hair that a dog loses depends on several factors. This includes the breed, age, and health status. There are also cold seasons that force dogs to develop a thicker coat for warmth. In such a case, dogs that are often indoors are more likely to lose more hair than dogs that are used to being outdoors.

While you cannot entirely stop a dog from shedding, you need to learn how you can minimize or slow the process. How to make my dog shed less is the question that this piece seeks to answer. First, you need to understand the underlying cause behind your dog’s shedding and this includes a health condition, fungal infections, bacterial infections, poor diet and trauma among other causes. Knowing the cause of shedding in your dog will enable you to employ the right approach to minimize the process.

How to Stop Dog Hair Shedding

1. Brush Often

Brushing your dog’s hair minimizes shedding. Brushing your dog twice or thrice a week during a cold season is highly recommended. This is the time when the dog’s coat is thicker and is bound to lose more hair. Most importantly, use a grooming tool for brushing, especially if you have dog breeds with a double coat. Such breeds include Shetland Sheepdogs, Siberian Huskies, and Pomeranians.

The best time to brush your dog is after bathing. A lot more hair is lost after a bath. Therefore, brushing is an excellent way to reduce more shedding as your dog plays or rests on a couch.

2. Blow Dry

After bathing a dog, blow-dry its hair. You can start by towel drying to keep its coat warm. Be sure to brush gently outwards and blow dry until the dog’s hair is no longer damp. This helps to get rid of any loose hairs and to prevent further shedding

3. Bath Regularly

It is imperative that you bath your dog regularly. It is an excellent way of getting rid of old or damaged hair and to give a whole new life to the remaining hairs. When bathing the dog, always use the right shampoo, conditioner and a dog hair detangle.

4. Clipping

Clipping is equally an excellent way to stop a dog shedding. This is crucial especially if you live in warm areas and your dog has a profuse coat that tends to shed often. It is important to have the dog clipped by a professional vet groomer. The coat can be carefully groomed, clipped and reduced to a good amount that does not fall often.

5. Use Supplements

A poor diet can also lead to dog shedding. You can significantly make your dog stop shedding by enriching its diet with healthy supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids, for instance, is an excellent supplement as it is rich in nutrients that help to prevent shedding. What’s more, it is a supplement that offers other health benefits to your dog.

6. Good Nutrition

A good diet helps to reduce shedding. Therefore, take time to feed your dog with a healthy meal. Purchase the high quality and healthy meal for the dog. Do not skimp on diet and always settle for reputed brands that offer foods with valuable nutrients only.

Remember, great nutrition equals a healthy dog and this can be seen in the quality of hair that your dog has. A meal that is rich in protein is also good for the dog. Therefore, consider foods that have chicken, lamb, beef, fish, and turkey as a main or first ingredient. These protein-packed ingredients are key for your dog’s health, especially if you have a golden retriever in need of the best nutrition available today.

7. Check with a Vet

In the event where excessive shedding is caused by a health or skin condition, you need to see a vet. The vet will recommend the best medication and diet modification to stop the dog from shedding.

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