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Thinking of selling a car?

If so, you’re not alone. Car selling is big business in the US, with over 17 million vehicles sold every year. If you do the math, that works out to nearly 47,000 sales every day!

The question is: What’s the best way to sell a car? Here are five car selling tips to help you prepare.

1. Get a Vehicle Inspection

Before you Google “how to sell my car fast,” make an appointment with a trustworthy mechanic. You need a complete understanding of how well your car is (or isn’t) running before you list it for sale.

Make sure the mechanic checks the:

  • Brakes
  • Engine codes
  • Belts & hoses
  • Fluid levels & condition
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Safety items (horn, lights, etc.)

Hopefully, the inspection won’t reveal any major issues. If it does, you’ll need to decide whether to make the repairs or lower your price and sell the car as-is.

2. Gather Maintenance Records

Is the glove box full of service receipts and maintenance records? Or do you have them all stashed in a box somewhere in your garage?

Either way, you’ll want to organize these and have them on hand for the potential buyer. This shows you’ve been diligent in the upkeep of your vehicle.

3. Get Your Car Detailed

No matter how long you scrub and polish, you’ll never achieve the same results as professional car detailing.

This is much more than a quick wipe and vacuum. A full car detail service includes:

  • Paint care and waxing
  • Undercarriage, chassis, and wheels
  • Exterior trim
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Engine bay
  • Interior detailing

If your car is fairly new, professional detailing will restore it to its original luster. If your vehicle is older, detailing will improve your chances of getting a higher price when selling a car.

But, no matter the age of your car, you should definitely apply a ceramic paint coating to protect the paint. Don’t do this yourself, but seek out professionals like Sun Stoppers that offer ceramic coating in Charlotte, NC.

4. Consider Minor Bodywork Repairs

Again, this depends on the age of your vehicle. Most buyers will expect a few dings and dents in an older car, but this could be a big turn-off if your car is only a few years old.

In most cases, it’s well worth it to remove those scratches and dents from newer vehicles. You’ll recover most, if not all, of the costs when you sell the car. It might not be worth the effort in an older car, especially if you’re selling to a dealer who can repair the flaws themselves.

5. Take High-Quality Photos & Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your photos paint your car in the best possible light.

Take photos just after sunrise or an hour before sunset to avoid distracting shadows and glare. Shoot many shots from every angle and don’t be afraid to zoom in on the best details.

You can also use your smartphone to record a video tour of the car for potential buyers to watch before contacting you.

Car Selling Can Be Easy

Selling a car privately may take a bit of extra work, but your efforts will be worth it. Use the tips outlined above to have a quick and successful car selling experience!

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