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Are you thinking about buying a drone?

Drones are the most high-tech thing to hit our skies in years. They’re used for everything from filming movies to delivering packages and even helping farmers survey their land.

These flying wonders work by using insanely accurate GPS technology. However, not every drone is equal.

If you don’t know what to look for, you could wind up wasting money on a drone that doesn’t meet your needs. But, if you seek out the right features, your drone could end up being the best purchase you’ve made in years.

Read our drone buying guide to help you find the suitable model for your needs!

1. Learn Drone Features

To be a good drone pilot, you must know about all the features available on your drone. First, what’s the drone’s camera type and resolution? What about the variety of flight modes?

Next, learn about other features like obstacle avoidance sensors or GPS tracking systems. It would help if you also familiarize yourself with the main components.

All drones have these 3 main components:

A) Airframe

The airframe is usually made up of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or titanium. You can use a durable material, but it will affect the drone’s overall weight and performance.

B) Electronic Controller

The controller allows the user to handle their aircraft remotely from a distance using radio signals. It is usually placed on the user’s controller and comes with joysticks that enable more precise movements.

C) Battery

The battery is the drone’s entire source of power. Some models allow you to switch or recharge batteries. The model you choose should provide enough power for the drone to fly long-lasting missions at ease.

There are other useful features available on drones, such as obstacle avoidance sensors and GPS tracking systems. Drones with these additional features will help you become a better drone pilot!

2. Types of Camera

Next, let’s dive deeper into the different types of cameras for drones. Drones have the power to capture breathtaking aerial views for both personal and commercial use. To get the most out of this camera drone buying guide, consider what you want to accomplish.

Many drones use high-resolution cameras to deliver clear images that can record videos or take RAW photos up to 20-megapixels. RAW photos offer a variety of benefits in the commercial and artistic world.

In addition to still photographs, some drones also can capture moving footage at 4K ultra HD resolutions. The types of cameras on drones range from gimbaled, through fixed and go from standard definition up to thermal imaging. Fixed-type cameras are less expensive than gimbals, but it’s harder for beginners to keep them steady while recording.

Why use a gimbal? Gimbals enhance stability by allowing the camera to move freely within its frame.

3. Powerful Drone Modes

There are a few different modes that you can use to control your drone. For instance, there’s GPS mode, Altitude Mode, or Obstacle Avoidance Sensors.

A) GPS Mode

While in GPS mode, the aircraft receive signals from global positioning system satellites in space. The GPS helps the drone maintain a certain altitude and fly along a specific route. You’ll be able to avoid obstacles automatically, even when there is no one controlling them remotely with a radio controller.

B) Altitude Mode

In Altitude Mode, on the other hand, you have complete control. You’ll be able to manually control and fly, similar to how helicopters do. As the pilot, you’ll be responsible for your aircraft’s height at all times.

C) Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

Finally, many devices also use obstacle avoidance sensors. The sensors provide an additional layer of safety during flight. They allow pilots to see objects ahead of them and then move out of their way accordingly – especially when flying at high speeds or close to the ground.

The obstacle avoidance sensor feature enables you to focus on capturing your desired footage. That way, you don’t have to worry about hitting something, like a tree branch, while filming.

4. What Are Your Drone Needs?

When it comes time to pick the best drone for you, it’s essential to know your needs and what you’re going for. Some drones are as simple as possible, while some have a wide range of features that allow more creativity. In either case, drones can be a great addition to any video production or photography kit.

To decide which drone is the best choice for you, consider how you’ll be using it.

Where and how often will you be flying the drone? Do you want a device for recreational purposes only or professional work as well? What size is essential to you? Finally, how much are you willing to spend on your new toy?

Many companies produce high-quality devices for professional filmmaking purposes. These models will cost thousands of dollars. However, there are also many affordable options from brands like drdrone that won’t break the bank.

5. Used Drone Buying Guide

Are you going to buy a gently used drone? Ensure that it is in perfect condition before spending any money! Take the drone for a test flight, and ask about its care history.

In general, it’s best to purchase drones from retailers with great reviews instead of buying from individuals. Look for a company with experience in the industry so that they can assist you if something goes wrong with your new gadget.

6. What About Propellers?

Lastly, every drone will come with spare propellers – even the cheapest ones. However, you should also purchase backup sets just in case they get damaged during flight or misplaced by accident.

The number of propellers will determine what your flight experience is like. For example, having 4 propellers is excellent for flying indoors. On the other hand, 6 propellers are better for flying outdoors where there are more obstacles.

Make a Happy Purchase

Congrats on finishing this drone buying guide! It’s clear to see that drones are so much more than just toys for kids. They can be used to deliver packages, take aerial photos and video, and more.

So if you’re in the market for a drone that fits your purpose, many retailers specialize in these high-tech gadgets. Call an experienced drone retailer today, and start the journey of becoming a pilot. For more insider tips, explore the rest of this site.

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