The performance of a server will definitely determine its productivity. If there is any performance degradation, its services are likely to result in customer dissatisfaction. In a real sense, revenue loss is expected. That is the reason why the database administrators are required to give the servers the great attention they deserve and maintenance to avoid such cases. The servers play a very crucial role in data management and they can’t be left unattended. You should take the performance of a server very seriously because the efficiency of the IT teams depends on it.

Abtech Technologies SQL server management services are rated among the best in the modern world of technology. Many database administrators prefer SQL server monitoring because they find the SQL performance monitor very effective and reliable. The DB Admins finds it easy to check on performance stats and it helps them to diagnose the SQL queries promptly. To enhance better check on SQL server’s health, it’s necessary to configure respective alarms, so that whenever the parameters surpass the intended threshold limits, the system will respond by switching on the alarm.

The SQL server monitor keeps track of the disk usage automatically. This is very important because the Admin gets to know how much disk space is in use and the memory load of the server. With this type of data, it becomes easy for the Admin to manage and to control the disk growth of the server. SQL server monitoring services involves keeping track of all log files and resource usage stats, which helps in optimizing the performance and regulating the SQL effectively.

In cases where a server may experience an overload or a session consumes excess resources, the applications manager is capable of tracing problematic SQL sessions down the till query and identify the resource-intensive session. This helps the Admin in troubleshooting and also keeping track of the jobs scheduled to run. It shows the current status of a job as well as the last outcome of tasks that run during the current session.

The SQL performance monitor helps in saving essential data as well as retrieving the data in case of a loss. This is made possible courtesy of Backup/Restore feature in the Applications manager. SQL Server monitoring allows a user to monitor the overall time taken, from the start to the end. It gives the user a chance to keep watch on backup durations.

In simple terms, SQL server performance monitor has many tools but the Applications manager comes with a great combination such as robust monitoring, analytical and alerting capabilities. This allows the user to gain end to end visibility of a SQL server performance. It is user-friendly and affordable in terms of pricing. The general performance of a SQL server depends on the better usage of the monitoring tools. Always use the SQL Health Monitor tool, to view the database details such as log files used, active transactions, log cache hit ratio, database size, and transactions per second. It enables the user to manage the SQL server’s performance with a lot of ease.

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