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Gone are the days where people could only earn cash from their workplaces on a regular basis. Nowadays, there are various ways to make money from the comfort of your home and what’s more, get paid more frequently. Getting in on this popular work-from-home trend simply requires an active imagination and a marketable skill. Regardless of your specialty, there is always a way to turn that talent into a profit-making venture. These four work from home jobs allow you to turn your skills into a paycheck.

The Work from Home Opportunity

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent in need of a reliable way to make money, a full-time worker wanting an additional source of income, or you’re simply looking to earn a few extra dollars by the side, there are tons of legitimate ways to achieve your heart desires. By using skills you already have, and starting with some online research, you’re on the right path to success!

How to Make Great Money Working from Home


Most small businesses prefer to hire individuals who can provide the services required at any given point in time without having to place them on a permanent payroll. Once the job is done, payment is made, and the contract comes to an end. Individuals providing this contractual service at an agreed rate to employers of labor are called freelancers.
The beauty of freelancing lies in the simple fact that it is not restricted to any job type; be it writing articles and blogging for a magazine, creating ad copy for a company, developing software for a tech firm, providing web transcription, or even acting as a virtual assistant to business owners.
There are several legitimate sites that offer freelancers a reliable platform to advertise their areas of expertise to prospective clients. Simply sign up and create an honest and
compelling profile stating your skills and specialties. Legitimate sites do not request a sign-up fee. However, most charge you for using their platform by deducting a percentage of your earnings. Once you build a steady client base, you grow a steady income that rivals that of a permanent office job.

Focus groups and online surveys

Focus groups offer you the opportunity to get paid for providing your honest opinions about a particular topic or subject matter. This doesn’t pay as well as freelancing, but it does guarantee a side flow of cash when needed. All you do is search for online discussion groups about topics that interest you, sign up, and contribute.
Surveys are quite like focus groups. You answer questions based on your geographical location or other required demographics and get paid with cash or gift cards. Focus groups and surveys are mostly offered by companies in need of honest feedback on their products and services.

Selling your used and unwanted items

This offers you the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and earn some extra cash while doing so. To turn your used and unwanted items to much-needed cash, organize a yard sale to sell off large and bulky furniture or appliances, and make use of online auction sites for smaller items like books, electronics, clothes, accessories, and even gift cards. For the latter, ensure you take a clear picture of the item, write an honest description, then depending on the site, you can either get a single offer or multiple bids from several interested buyers.

Selling your arts and crafts

The demand for local, handmade items is a trend that’s here to stay for the imminent future. If you have the ability to create something beautiful from ordinary household items with your hands, there is a large market waiting for you. You can make a very healthy side income selling your handcrafted beads and jewelry, handmade clothing items, and pottery pieces on several popular arts and crafts sites. You may use one of the popular shopping platforms and pay a small commission fee for each item sold. On the other hand, you can set up your own e-commerce site. However, be sure to include an opt-in form on your site so you can build additional sales through e-mail marketing.


These are just a few of the numerous and highly-profitable ways to earn extra cash working from home. However, it is important to be sharp, smart, and sensitive when scouring the Internet as there are scams being run under the guise of legit jobs. Legitimate jobs do not request for registration fees or demand that you purchase ‘helpful’ training materials.

Deborah Tayloe is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to EmailMeForm. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The Erie, PA native resides in rural Bertie County, NC with her husband and toy fox terrier.

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