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Tax filing can be very difficult, yet it’s a necessity of modern life. There may well come a time when you make a crucial mistake with your taxes and need to hire a tax professional.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common scenarios that necessitate emergency tax advice that only a professional can give you.

Are you ready to find out whether you should hire a professional to help you? Then let’s get started!

1. You Haven’t Filed Your Taxes

Tax season rolls around every year but if you’ve missed the deadline, you’re not alone. A massive third of Americans don’t file their tax return until the last minute, and it’s easy to go from filing at the last minute to not filing at all.

Failing to file your tax returns on time can incur some serious penalties. If you’ve got a reasonable excuse for not filing your taxes on time, you’ll need to contact the IRS and explain why. Even if you’ve not got a good excuse, a tax professional can help you make your case.

2. You Don’t Understand the Tax Return Paperwork

The paperwork that accompanies your tax return is very complex. Each new document seems to refer to different codes and laws, which can easily overwhelm you.

If you don’t understand the tax paperwork, you’re much more likely to make a mistake. If the deadline is looming and you’re still unsure of what the return is asking you, call an emergency tax professional at once.

3. You’ve Made a Mistake or Think You Will

If you know that you’ve made a mistake on your tax return but you’ve already sent it back to the IRS, you need emergency help. If you think that you will make a mistake on the tax form but haven’t sent it yet, you need professional tax help.

Mistakes can wind up incurring serious penalties. Take this opportunity to find someone to help you out, before it’s too late.

4. You’re Worried About an Audit

The IRS carries out many audits each year. There may be certain factors in your tax return that will raise the chance of getting audited. If you think that, for instance, your charitable donations are out of proportion with your income, you may wish to call an emergency tax professional.

An emergency tax professional can take a look at your tax return and point out inconsistencies that may increase your chance of being on the receiving end of an audit. Click here for more information about how they can help you.

5. You’ve Got Married or Divorced

If you’ve got married or divorced in the past tax year, you need to take this into consideration when filing your tax return. However, many people don’t understand how this will affect their tax: make supre that you call in a professional to offer financial advice if this has happened.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Tax Professional

An emergency tax professional can take a lot of the stress out of tax season. If you’re worried about your latest tax return, we’d recommend hiring one to give you the financial advice that you need.

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