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A window lasts for 20 to 40 years.

The lifespan largely depends on maintenance. For a more extended service, you should clean it well, protect it, and observe the other maintenance tips.

However, there comes a time when you should install a replacement window, even after observing the proper maintenance. Perhaps, the old design no longer interests you, the damage is beyond repair, or you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Whatever the case is, you should confirm that the replacement window has better functional and esthetic features than the older one. Yes, when you’re up to find the best windows for your home aim to kill two birds with one stone. It is the wisest decision you can make. Here are the top seven red signs that it’s time to install a new window.

1. Increased Energy Bills

Has your energy bill gone up? If yes, then your window could be faulty. Ideally, a well-functioning window should save energy in your home.

In line with the US department of energy, an energy-efficient window can save you up to $465 per year on your energy bills. The loss of efficiency can, therefore, cause a dramatic increase in the bills.

However, a surge in the bills can be brought forth by other factors too. For instance, you could be heating water more or have increased your other energy consumption activities.

Before you conclude it’s the windows, examine your power usage to confirm that the windows have not contributed to the increased energy consumption. Also, review your last three or more energy bills to note when the bills started to escalate.

Your windows will be the cause of high bills if you have maintained your other energy consumption needs, yet the bills have been rising. To confirm this, you can consult an experienced technician. If the issue is beyond repair, then the technician will advise you to replace them.

Note that some windows are energy efficient, while others are not. Should you decide to install the energy-efficient ones again, you will need to get the best quality windows to save the most energy.

2. Visible Damage

Visible damage is an apparent sign that you should replace your windows. When the window gets the physical damages, it becomes unpleasing aesthetically, and it might also interfere with the security and the comfort of the house.

The glass windows are the most vulnerable to physical damages, although the other types can also sustain the damages. The damage could be as a result of:

Weather: seasonal changes of high and low climates can affect the functional parts of the window. The damage can cause excessive moisture in the house.

Physical impacts: window glass can break from all types of vandalism. For instance, a hard object hitting the window can cause visible fractures and break the frames.

Old age: an old window becomes weak naturally. Because you have used it for a prolonged period, it starts to crack even when an object has not hit it.

Repair is only a temporary solution for mildly visible damages. But if the damage is extensive and the general appearance has been tampered, you have no option than to consider window replacement.

A great technician can help you choose ideal replacement windows to install, according to your house’s design.

3. Hardware Operation Concerns

A window should open and close well. It should not produce any irritating sound when opening or closing it. However, at times, you may notice that your window no longer operates well.

It doesn’t have any visible damages, but still, you struggle to use it. This is common in windows that are not used frequently.

When the window fails to open, the obvious temptation is to force it. You might be successful, but the truth is that you will not have solved the issue.

In that case, you should examine if there is any object that prevents the window from closing or opening well. If it’s not there, you should lubricate the moving parts, such as the hinges, with an excellent lubricant.

After the lubrication, you should watch its performance in the next few days. If there is no change, the next step would be to call an expert. Otherwise, you will only damage the window further by forcing it to operate.

A window replacement can improve your house’s ventilation and make the rooms usable again with the new hardware. Be sure to maintain the new window well because the non-operation problems are caused by low maintenance.

The proper maintenance will keep off rust and moisture which interferes with the window movements.

4. Condensation

Condensation is common in homes located in cold areas. When the temperature becomes too low, the windows absorb excessive moisture.

Too much moisture is noticeable in the house. For instance, you may notice water flowing on the window’s sides or unexplained wetness in areas around the window.

The moisture may not be an issue because you can manage it. The problem arises when the condensation turns to frost. The windows incur too much pressure to regulate the old and warm air, and that’s how the frost forms.

With time, the frost may affect the functional parts of the window. Even worse, it can cause visible cracks on the windows. You can’t repair a frosted window, and the ideal solution would only be to replace it.

So don’t ignore any signs of condensation on your windows. Even if you have a reliable heating system, you will need stronger and more energy-efficient windows, and that’s why you should consider a replacement.

5. Outside Noise

It’s not strange to hear birds chirping outside, trucks moving, or any other sounds. The noises can be more pronounced if you live in a densely populated neighborhood or live near a road.

But with a great window and the right insulators, you can prevent the noises from getting into your house. So, if your windows have been soundproofing your home, you will know when they need a replacement.

And if you use the old windows and don’t wish to add the insulators, it will be right for you to replace them to prevent outside noises.

The modern windows have noise-canceling features that prevent external noise. They also prevent indoor noise from moving out of the house.

So, if you are tired of the noise distractions or you would like to keep your conversations private, then a window replacement would be the ideal solution.

Review the available windows in the market and choose the best one for your budget. The windows might come with a higher price, but the benefits are all worth the coins.

6. Decaying Frames

A frame is an integral part of the window. It holds the entire details of the window into place. It also adds to the curb appeal of the window.

Sadly, the frames are prone to both physical damages and decay. Decay happens when the frame faces massive temperature changes. The alternating hot and cold temperatures weaken the frames and facilitate the decomposition.

For instance, the wood frame can rot or even start to attract mold. The vinyl frames can start twisting and leave visible or invisible gaps which let in cold air.

Many people only focus on the windowpane when cleaning their windows. The frame remains unnoticed even when it has decayed, which reduces the window’s overall performance.

It’s hard to repair a decayed frame. It’s also not easy to replace the frame alone, especially if attached to the pane. The only best solution is to replace the entire window.

If you suspect that your window’s frame has decayed, call an experienced technician to check it. The window company will recommend the best way forward, depending on the frame’s type and the degree of decay.

7. Lack of Comfortability

Do you like the current appeal of your windows? Do they provide the same comfort they did when they were new? If not, then that’s a sign that you should replace them.

Like the other parts of the house, windows too get worn out with age. So if you have used them for more than two decades, they are probably old and already showing signs of wear and tear.

You don’t have to keep them if they no longer satisfy you. If your house has a modern design, the old windows would only make it more aged and unappealing.

Write down the features that you would like in a window. After that, call an experienced technician to examine your house and advise if that window can fit in your home.

Even if you don’t intend to sell the house, the home will look newer, and the value will increase. Just ensure that you choose the modern windows which are not only energy-efficient but also durable.

Consult a Professional Replacement Window Technician

Does your house need newer windows? You probably have an answer to this question, depending on the noticeable signs in the home. If you decide to replace, find a reputable technician to inspect the windows and help you install the best.

The ideal window technician will help you find the right replacement window and give you useful maintenance tips to prolong your new windows’ life.

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