High Quality Product Photo For Ecommerce

3 Reasons Why a High-Quality Product Photo Affect the Number of Buyers

What determines an online store’s success? Are you sure that the answer is the product’s quality and price? In fact, most purchases are driven by the visual presentation of the product. Description, specifications, customer reviews are all important but these are secondary reasons to make a purchase from your online store. The first thing visitors notice on your website are the photos. The better the quality of the image, the more interested in full information about the product the client will be.

Good Images For ECommerce Business

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High-Quality Photographs

Image quality can only be guaranteed by professional product photographers. This does not mean that the product photo will cost you a lot. Compare Squareshot prices with other companies and freelance photographers and make sure that the product photos won’t break your bank.

Presenting the Product in Action

Our professional photographers know how to convey all of the best features of your product to a potential buyer to evoke positive emotions. We will make sure that every product is presented from the most winning perspective.

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How Will High-Quality Photos Affect the Sales?

An online store’s customer does not have the opportunity to touch the product, try on clothes, taste the food. They only have a description and a product image to make a decision. The text provides information on the product’s characteristics: materials, manufacturer, etc. This information is important, but  not enough to make a purchasing decision.

The main motivating tool for increasing the number of the buyers is the product photo. If the picture meets all of the marketing rules, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Interest in the Product

A website visitor notices the images first. If the picture is beautiful enough to arouse interest, the person will be interested in the description of the product, its characteristics. This greatly increases the chances of a purchase.

Increased Time on Page

It’s no secret that a good photograph is, in some ways, like a work of art that attracts attention not so much due to the objects that are depicted on it, but due to the quality of its execution.

If a person likes a product picture, they will be ready to spend more time studying it, as a result of which they spend more time on the website. 

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Decreased Number of Purchase Returns

A good photograph should reflect the product’s quality as accurately as possible and show its main features and characteristics. 

As a result, the customer buys a product that does not meet their expectations. At best, this leads to some disappointment and a mildly upset customer, but sometimes, due to the discrepancy between the product in the photo and real life, the buyer is forced to return the purchase and/or leave a bad review on the seller’s page. 

High-quality photographs help to avoid such incidents. As a result, customers’ loyalty increases and so do the chances of them making a purchase in the same store again in the future.

Thus, product photos serve not only as a way to describe the product, but also as one of the most effective and simple ways to increase sales efficiency.

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