If you love curling up on the couch with your dog, you might be quickly running out of shows to watch. It’s time to try watching “Doctor Who.” You’ve probably heard of it—the BBC show has been around since 1963. The show’s main character is a regenerating Time Lord called the Doctor who travels through the galaxy (and sometimes through time) in a TARDIS.

The Doctor is always joined by a companion or two, and since the character is always regenerating, thirteen actors have played the Time Lord. Each actor brings something new to the character and fans love to discuss which Doctor is their favorite. If you’ve never seen this iconic show, now’s the time to jump in. Here’s why you and your pup should start streaming “Doctor Who.”

You’ll have plenty to binge.

“Doctor Who” has been around since 1963, which means there’s plenty for you and your pup to watch together. The original run of the show was from 1963 to 1989 and during that time, the BBC produced 26 seasons. There were seven versions of the Doctor in these 26 seasons—each Doctor is affectionately called by his or her order in the lineup, so the show began with the First Doctor and the original run ended with the Seventh Doctor.

When the show was revived in 2005, the Ninth Doctor was introduced. (The Eighth Doctor only appeared in a 1996 movie and a 2013 mini-episode.) You certainly don’t need to watch all or even any of the show’s original run. Many people skip right to the revival, but if you’ve got the time, it can be fun to indulge in some of the original series. Either way, the new run of the show has twelve seasons, so you’ll still have plenty to binge.

There’s great online content to engage with while watching.

“Doctor Who” fans are committed. They feel strongly about the show and want to talk about their feelings and opinions. If you get really into the show (which you will), you’ll be pleased to find that there’s great online content to check out. Websites like Doctor Who Talk delve into the history and mystery of the show. You’ll love having access to news, analysis, and even a look at each Doctor’s outfit. Between episodes, spend a little time on your phone checking out the fandom. You’ll love connecting with other fans.

You don’t have to stop watching to walk the dog.

Stopping your binge to walk the dog can be avoided. You love your pup and want to make sure he or she is well cared for, but you hate pausing the show. Thankfully, you can have it both ways. Hire a dog walker and a dog poop yard cleaning service to make sure your dog (and your home) is in good hands always. Have a dog walker come to your house and take your pup out for you or let your dog out in your fenced backyard. You don’t want to leave pet waste in your backyard, so hire professional pooper scoopers to come to your house every week and do all the dirty work for you.

Dog poop can expose you, your family, and your plants to germs and disease, so instead of ignoring it to continue your binge-watch, hire a pooper scooper service to handle the mess. You’ll be able to let your pup outside to use the bathroom without stressing about the poop. You’ll save time and energy by leaving clean up to the professionals and you won’t even have to pause the show to let your pooch out. You can catch him up on what he missed when he gets back.

Doctor Who has something for everyone.

If you’ve never watched “Doctor Who,” it’s probably because you didn’t think it was for you. Some people are turned off by science fiction or confused by the order of seasons. But “Doctor Who” really does have something for everyone. The show can be fun and silly, scary, historical, and campy. You might love Eleven’s energetic madness or Thirteen’s warmth and humor. You’ll start forming opinions on the Doctors, companions, and villains very quickly as you watch.

Your pup will love having you around.

Dogs love spending time with their owners and most pups are content to spend hours on the couch with you. Your dog will be thrilled to spend more time with you and receive plenty of love and affection while you’re watching the show. There are also plenty of reasons for you to spend time with your pet. Cuddling with a pup will help lower your anxiety and stress and make you feel more relaxed. After a tough day at work, nothing could be better than curling up with your furry friend and watching a few episodes of “Doctor Who.”

There’s no reason not to start watching “Doctor Who.” Grab a pizza and your pup and start your marathon today.

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