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The hard work of transitioning to college isn’t done once you get accepted to your top schools. Among all the additional details you have to figure out, where you’re going to live should be near the top of the list.

You may think that selecting a living arrangement would be the easy part, but there are many factors to consider between on-campus vs off-campus living.

Some freshmen are required to live on-campus, while others are allowed to live in off-campus apartments. There are also commuter students who live at home.

From cost to privacy to school events, where you live can dictate a majority of your college experience.

If you want to be fully informed on the benefits and consequences of living on-campus vs off-campus, this guide has the most crucial information you need.

Pros of On-Campus

Living on-campus makes it easier to immerse yourself in typical college activities.

You’ll have easy access to the dining halls, the gym, and your classrooms. This provides more time for sleeping in before an early class or staying late at the library with an easy commute home.

In addition to your roommates and other peers in your building, you’ll have Resident Advisers who can help ease your transition into college.

Another one of the benefits of living on-campus is not paying out-of-pocket for Wi-Fi or cable.

Cons of On-Campus

While dorm life might provide plenty of socializing opportunities, it can also come with excess noise at all hours of the day. Plus, you have at least one, if not more, roommates to share your space with.

Taking a nap or getting in some serious studying might be difficult in a dorm. You may also have to wait to take a shower in the communal bathroom if it’s a busy time of day.

Pros of Off-Campus

If you decide that spending a little extra money on an off-campus apartment is a better choice for your lifestyle, it comes with more privacy and space to relax.

You’ll have more customization options when it comes to cooking meals and taking care of yourself.

You will also get a better taste of what adulthood and independence look like. Your neighbors will likely be young families and professionals, instead of other college kids.

If off-campus living sounds like the better option for your lifestyle at school, it’s never too early to start searching for the perfect apartment. For some great options, head to this site to check it out.

Cons of Off-Campus

Living off-campus can be more difficult when it comes to making friends at school.

You might feel isolated from school events and peers who live on-campus. Plus, your commute to class will likely be longer, so you’ll want to build in time for that.

Your responsibilities will also increase when you have to pay bills like rent, electricity, and Wi-Fi. Making time to shop for groceries will become another errand to do each week.

On-Campus vs Off-Campus

Deciding between on-campus vs off-campus living is an important task to take your time on.

Consider your lifestyle and how you want your university experience to be. There are countless college housing options for every kind of student.

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