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Are you tired of offering your guests wings and beer at your sports-themed parties? Each year for the Superbowl alone, Americans consume over 1.42 billion chicken wings. But chicken doesn’t need to be your only option.

Apart from deciding on the menu, if you want your party to be talked about for weeks to come, you also need party decorations, a prime viewing space for the game, and a whole lot more.

If party planning isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Keep reading for some new ideas and tips on how to take your sports party to the next level.

Make Your Guest List

Before you decide on how much food you need, or where to set up in your home, you need to know how many people are coming. If you have a smaller home or venue, that may determine how many guests you can invite.

Do you want the event to have a competitive nature or do you just want to watch sports with friends? If you are planning for a non-competitive event like the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, your guest list may be more open than the final game for the NBA Championships.

Planning the Layout

When planning a party where television is involved, bigger usually is better. You want your guests to be able to see the main event as well as hear it. Adding a sound system, even if just for the game-day can help.

Plan your food staging area well. There will be spills and drips so make sure you have towels and rags available and protect any delicate surfaces such as light-colored carpet.

Unless you are okay with your guests standing for the whole game, you will need lots of extra seating. Bring in folding chairs, patio seating, and rearrange your furniture to create space. Make sure the tv can be seen from each seat.

The Menu

Providing a variety of food is key when considering home party planning for watching sports events. Aside from chicken wings, you could offer:

  • Build-your-own beef sliders with a variety of toppings
  • Meatballs with dipping sauces
  • Veggie platters sporting unique vegetables like jicama, grilled asparagus, and English cucumbers
  • Bruschetta Bar with a mini toaster oven available so the bread stays crisp
  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • Chips and dip, beans and salsa
  • Mini tacos, taquitos, and tamales

Charcuterie boards have become popular over the last few years and will make a great centerpiece for your food table. You can offer meats, cheeses, fruits, crackers, nuts, dips, and garnishes.

Ask your guests for help with food planning. Adding a sign up sheet to your invitation is a great way to spread the load and allow for those with allergies or dietary restrictions to bring a dish they can eat.


Sporting events are notorious for long commercial breaks. Providing entertainment such as raffle drawings, poker games, and karaoke can keep your party from dragging.

Have your guests participate in guessing the score at the end of each quarter, play sportscasting bingo, have a food eating contest, or offer a prize for the person who guesses the winner of an individual event.

Party Planning Made Easy

Your next sports themed-party doesn’t need party planning by a professional. By adding a few of these unique party ideas for adults to your event, it will set itself apart from all the rest.

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