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Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports, with 106 million fans in the USA alone, appealing to men and women alike.

Have you decided to give it a bash, or received an invitation to a girl’s day out on the golf course? Are you wondering, ”what do women wear to golf, anyway?”

Fortunately, the rules regarding golf attire for women are pretty laid back. Keep reading to find out the latest on what to wear golfing this summer.

Golf Wear For Women

We’ll deal with casual golfers later, but first, we’ll address the norm when it comes to serious lady golfers. If you’re playing at a private golf club or a very old-fashioned one, they might have some restrictive rules in place, too.

Some clubs are sticky about the length of skirts and shorts, and others insist that you tuck in your shirt. To avoid embarrassment, always inquire about the dress code at your golf venue a few days in advance.

Here’s the drill for ladies’ golf dress:


You have three options when it comes to golf shirts. These are a short sleeve shirt with a collar, a short sleeve shirt without a collar, or a sleeveless shirt with a collar.

You can’t wear a sleeveless shirt without a collar, but you can get away with a collarless T-shirt as long as it’s smart enough for the dress code. Since people’s opinions on what makes a decent T-shirt differ, rather go with a collared shirt, for tradition’s sake.


Many lady golfers opt for skorts to avoid revealing a little too much when they bend down to pick up a ball, or if the wind suddenly picks up.  This creates an elegant impression, but they’re still just as comfortable as shorts.

Ladies’ golf shorts are always tailored – no cycling shorts, cargo shorts, or baggy pants here. You can choose from Bermuda or above-the-knee styles, and those with or without pockets. If your shorts have belt loops, wear a light-colored belt with them.

Nobody wears long-sleeved shirts to play golf, but you can wear long pants if you feel more comfortable in them.

You’ll notice ladies’ golf dresses on the racks nowadays, too. If you prefer one of these, that’s okay, too.

Socks and Shoes

Golf shoes are the best option for getting to grips with the golf course, but they’re an expensive investment, but you can wear sneakers on the course, too.

At least you won’t have to change these multi-use shoes when you head for the showers after your game.

You should not wear shoes with heels on the golf course, you could damage the grass.

Nobody will kick you off the course for wearing the wrong socks, but it’s best to invest in a pair of golf socks for your day out. These socks are thinner with thicker sections in all the right places for the long walk ahead.

You can wear long or short socks for golf, but short no-show socks are the coolest option for summer.


Most ladies’ golf hats are visors, but these aren’t the best for protecting you from the sun or keeping you cool. You can wear any hat on the course, although most ladies opt for caps.

Wide-brimmed hats and straw hats are all okay. Golf is pretty laid-back when it comes to headwear.


Won’t need a jacket while playing golf in the summer, unless you’re teeing off at the crack of dawn. If you do choose to bring a jacket, avoid hoodie-style jackets. Smart-casual attire is generally the way to go when you play golf.

What to Wear Golfing If You Don’t Have Golf Attire

One look at your local sports shop could put you off the game for good. Some professional golf attire costs somewhere in the league of Masters champion’s paychecks.

Unless you’re planning to join the ranks of the playing elite, you don’t need these specialized branded goods, no matter how awesome they are.

According to the rules of golf, ladies must wear a collared shirt and pants, shorts, or skirts that aren’t made from denim. Remember, golf is a very traditional game, so make sure you choose shorts and skirts that aren’t too short.

That means you’ve probably got a variety of items in your closet already that will do fine for your day on the greens.

Rather than worrying about the latest ladies’ golf wear fashions, rather focus on your comfort during a long day out in the summer heat.

Open your closet and see what you’ve already got that can take you from tee-off to G&Ts in cool comfort.

Shirts are easy to find, yet, like socks, women’s sun shirts are a good investment as they block the sun’s UV rays and come in handy for other outdoor events.

Most ladies have a pair of smart Bermudas or shorts for summer wear, so those are easier to find than the correct skirt or dress for the occasion.

As long as your running sneakers are serviceable and clean, they’ll do fine for your round of golf. Choose your headwear carefully for optimum sun protection, and don’t forget to layer on the sunscreen and take extra supplies with you.

A pair of sunglasses will stand you in good stead against the glare on very hot days.

If you don’t have a smart-casual jacket, you can wear any smart sweater. Pop a rain jacket in your bag in case of summer showers.

Remember, most of the fun happens after the game at the clubhouse. You’ll need smart casual attire for the inevitable after-game gathering.

You can shower and change after your round, so take a towel and your toiletry bag along.

Enjoy the Game

Now that you know what to wear golfing, you can step onto the course with confidence and enjoy your time spent with friends. Golf is a fun game and a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in manicured surroundings.

You never know, you could become a member of the golf fan club along the way, too. Not a fan? Browse our blog for more great ideas on how to make the most of your free time.

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