Must have pages for business websites in 2020 Must have pages for business websites in 2020

This is a high time to grow your small businesses. Just do a few simple steps to make it to the internet and spread your service globally. But, that will only happens when you have that must have pages on your business website.

You’ll need proper planning to set your business and a good website. Next, you will have to take care of multiple factors to make your website appear and rank higher on search engines.

  1. First, devise a killer content strategy.
  2. Choose a CMS (content management system) to set up your website
  3. Create pages and add multiple posts.
  4. SEO optimize your content

In this article, we will be discussing important pages that one must have in a business website. Creating these pages might help you to rank better on search engines, and will add significantly to the user experience of the business website.

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Must Have Pages for Business Websites:

1. Landing Pages:

You can reach out to more people through unique and customized landing pages. It will increase your engaged audience rate and ultimately traffic to your website.

2. Location Pages:

Make landing pages with customized maps to target specific locations. It will help to boost your local SEO.

3. Profile Pages:

You can easily manage your profile pages on the website. All you’ve to do is upgrade the content in your CSV and reupload and that’s it.

4. Product Pages:

You should create separate pages for all of your products. It will increase your conversion rate. Especially for the businesses having physical products or Business on amazon, product pages becomes the essential with all required content elements.

5. Translation Pages:

If your business has an international audience, you should create URLs of your website in multiple languages. More people will reach out this way.

6. Service Pages:

If you’re offering more than one service you can make different optimized pages. Describe your service in detail with targeted keywords.

7. Client Pages:

For different products/services you’ll have a range of clients. Design customized pages for different clients to welcome them. This will add value to your conversion rate.

Where to make a website?

WordPress is a great and trending content management system (CMS). It allows you to make your website and even organize and optimize it with its range of plugins. Plus it is very easy to learn WordPress. You can make your website yourself.

You would have to install a theme and multiple plugins to get the most out of a WordPress website.

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About Plugins:

WordPress offers thousands of plugins. You might have a question in mind that why would you need plugins? Well, you want your website to look sleek and of course speedy. You can do all of this with the help of plugins.

They help you to add more functionality, expand features, and boost your website. They’re available in WordPress stores free of cost. Some plugins need subscriptions for premium use otherwise free versions work just perfect.

By the way, all of the must have pages on business website discussed above can be created with the help of one plugin i.e, Multiple Page Generator.


We’ve given you a brief guide of some important pages you need to make and how to set up your business. Don’t wait for opportunities to expand your business. Work for it. The digital world has made it far easier to convey your messages/services/products to the whole world. Avail this opportunity and create your amazing website now.

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