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Do you often wake up and think, “I have no motivation to exercise today?”

If so, you’re not alone. Only 23% of adults meet suggested guidelines for aerobic exercise and strength-training activities.

How can you find your motivation for fitness and become part of that statistic? In this post, we’ll offer 4 tips on how to motivate yourself to go to the gym and reach your fitness goals.

Read on for your daily workout inspiration!

1. Set SMART Goals

Experts recommend at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity each week, along with at least 2 days of strength-training. 

If you’re overwhelmed by those numbers, try breaking them into smaller chunks. Rather than running for an hour every morning, could you take 3 brisk 10-minute walks throughout the day?

Keep track of your progress and keep yourself motivated by setting SMART goals. These are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

The thought of losing 50 pounds is daunting, but what if you set the goal of losing 5 pounds each month? Setting small, achievable goals is a sure way to maintain your fitness motivation.

2. Plan Your Schedule in Advance

If you don’t set aside time to go to the gym, your schedule will quickly fill up with other activities. At the beginning of the week, analyze your commitments and find realistic times to work out.

One day, you might wake up early and jog a few miles. The next, you’ll follow a fat-burning weight workout plan after work. Whatever works for you, write it down in your planner or your phone’s calendar.

3. Listen to Workout Inspiration Music

The right playlist can make or break your workout, so download songs that make you feel inspired to move. Start playing it while you’re getting dressed for the gym so you’re psyched by the time you arrive.

Another suggestion? Time your workouts with your favorite TV show. If you walk during the show and jog during the commercials, that hour will fly by in no time!

4. Invest in Your Workouts

No one likes to waste money, so this can be a huge motivating factor. If you’re having trouble sticking to your gym routine, why not up the ante?

Sign up and pay for a block of fitness classes in advance, whether it’s kickboxing, spin, or yoga flow. If you’ve already spent the money, you’re going to be more motivated to show up and do it.

Others have found success by hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach like the ones at teammcleanfitness.com.au. The investment is well worth it, as they’ll not only get you into a good routine but help to correct any mistakes you’re making.

How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym: Ready, Set, Go!

We all have days when we have zero fitness motivation. The trick is learning to overcome that hurdle so you can create (and stick to) a good workout routine.

Set SMART goals for yourself and plan your workout schedule in advance. Use inspirational music or your favorite TV shows to make the minutes fly by. Signing up for classes or hiring a personal trainer can also give added motivation for fitness.

Now that you know how to motivate yourself to go to the gym, what’s next? Click here for more ways to boost your spirits and stay motivated when you feel low.

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