Enjoy luxury car rental in nyc to the fullest Enjoy luxury car rental in nyc to the fullest

According to surveys conducted by one of the leading car rental aggregators, the Big Apple is the most expensive car rental destination in the USA. This fact is not surprising provided the number of airports, business offices, and tourist attractions within and around the city. The desire to facilitate navigation across the populated area makes both local and foreign travelers rent cars NYC despite the high rates.

Moreover, based on Car Rental Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecast issued in 2019. There is a rise in rent for luxury cars in particular. And here the question arises – how to get the best value for money when renting a luxury vehicle in New York?

Realcar is the answer that combines premium class fleet, top-notch services, and reasonable pricing.

What Is Realcar?

What is realcar

It’s a car rental service operating in the Big Apple and available for booking online. It focuses on delivering only classy vehicles, mainly SUVs, which feature leather interiors, advanced equipment, top-rated safety, spacious salons, and other amenities. If you are looking for a rental Mercedes Benz G Class or Range Rover Evoque, you should turn to the service immediately.

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Why Does It Stand Out?

Though NYC several luxury vehicle rentals, Realcar beats its competitors by attaching transparency and simplicity to its services.

  •  A car is delivered by a concierge to where you want it across the city, including JFK, LGA, and EWR.
  •  You can return it to Realcar’s representative at any address of your choice.
  •  All fees applicable are clearly shown during the booking process.
  •  No insurance or additional service is imposed except for those that you want.
  •  Booking is available via a user-friendly web form and a smart application.
  •  The fleet is regularly checked to provide the best safety and performance possible.

With Realcar, exploring the city and its neighborhoods will be a sheer pleasure – check it out yourself!

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