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Are you choosing between Krav Maga vs BJJ?

Every year, there’s an increase in the number of people getting assaulted. This prompts most people to pick up martial arts to learn how to protect themselves. There are tons of martial arts to choose from, with BJJ and Krav Maga being the most popular.

However, between Krav Maga vs. BJJ, for a beginner which one should you learn? When it comes to real-life combat arts, both formidable defensive art forms. These self-defense forms develop disciplines that help towards dominating the enemy through immobilization.

Krav Maga focuses on continuous strikes while leaving no room to retaliate. While, BJJ allows the fighter to block, grapple, and choke the enemy. Despite the difference in tactics, both arts have points that you need to take points on if you want to learn self-defense.

1. Why Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga teaches its practitioners to expect the dangers of their surroundings. You’ll learn how you can escape scenarios while being efficient with your strikes.

The training of Krav Maga will improve your physical fitness and help you fend off attackers. Also, this improves your lifestyle as you increase your awareness of your surroundings. This helps you develop skills to defend and also improves your self-confidence.

2. Why Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Developed to reflect the streets of Brazil. BJJ a self-defense martial art made for street fights. This makes it well-known among the many self-defense martial arts today.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu focuses on helping its practitioners escape grapples and holds. This includes controlling and finishing the assailant with submission holds.

Students are also taught control when exerting power to prevent themselves from injuring people any more than they should. It’s all about incapacitating the assailant, not damaging them beyond healing.

3. Techniques Used

When talking about Krav Maga vs BJJ, Krav Maga focuses on aggressive offense and defense. It’s meant for battlefield brawl and endurance. Often the techniques focus on strikes, punches, and elbow strikes.

The techniques of Krav Maga focus on offensive impacts than defensive maneuvers. The quickness of movement and impact of hits is important to make an enemy retreat. It’s meant to improve your footwork and balance when facing an attacker.

While Krav Maga focuses on offensive techniques, BJJ focus on groundwork and positional dominance. This self-defense relies on precision and delivery of the technique. This is important because part of the technique of BJJ is ruining the balance of a fighter.

The techniques of BJJ apply to real-life scenarios. BJJ pins its attacker on the floor with the help of grappling, strangulation, and joint locks. The purpose of this is to defeat the attacker without them being able to strike back.

4. Rules of Combat

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has techniques and moves that most people often consider illegal. Because it’s a competitive sport, though, some techniques are clear for competitions, but not anywhere else. Also, people studying BJJ need to have a specific color of belt to know some of the techniques in the art.

There are also strikes that aren’t allowed depending on your position. If you’re laying down on top of your opponent, you’re not allowed to perform some strikes that involve a downward blow. They’re deemed too dangerous to use as it can be lethal when the power behind the blow isn’t controlled.

Krav Maga system, however, has no techniques or strikes that are illegal. There are no strict rules that prohibit the illegal use of techniques. What matters most in Krav Maga is that the defender survives the encounter.

5. Gears You Will Use

Classes and training sessions under BJJ don’t include the use of any weapon. This makes BJJ perfect and ideal for people who want to learn how to defend themselves using only their hands and techniques.

This is where Krav Maga has an advantage because learning it includes weapon training. This includes training students on how to disarm an armed assailant. This improves the student’s reflexes when facing an attacker.

When thinking about choosing Krav Maga, it’s a good idea to go through these tips for beginners. These will help you improve your physical abilities and performance when facing an attacker.

6. Effective Moves

Krav Maga techniques and basic methods are for neutralizing threats. The hand and footwork of Krav Maga are explosive, continuous, and fearsome to help you overwhelm the enemy. The combat system of Krav Maga also includes attacking and defending simultaneously.

The combat style encourages the use of weapons that aren’t common for combat. This means that keys, belts, and common items you carry are your defense when attacked. This is because, during street fights, it’s assumed that you don’t have anything but these common items with you.

BJJ disregards the size of an opponent and aims to help you dominate them. You’ll learn to use the weight of your enemy against them and throw them to the ground using their momentum.

Here, you transition from strikes to pinning your opponent with precision. This allows you to have control of the situation while they recover from what happened to them. It’s a great way for BJJ to make up for the fact that it doesn’t involve weapons training.

7. What Makes them Unique?

Krav Maga training is about quicker escapes than prolonging engagement with the attacker. You distract your enemy by crippling them in a prolonged period of time.

BJJ’s goal is to pin your enemy on the ground. Strike them while they are vulnerable and lock them down through pinning. This brings the enemy closer with no chances of escaping.

Choose Between Krav Maga Vs BJJ Today!

Regardless of what self-defense training you will choose. It’s important to consider your physique and personality when choosing between Krav Maga vs BJJ. Learning both is also an option because when utilized in a cross-combat system, both are formidable.

Do you want to learn more about Krav Maga or BJJ? Check out our other articles and learn more today!

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