Real estate has always been one of the favorite long-term investments for Americans. As of last year, 31% of Americans prefer real estate above stocks to invest in. Not so surprisingly, the majority that holds this option are the Millennials at 36%. 

Regardless of the housing market, when done right, online real estate investing can get you exponential profits. And young entrepreneurs seem to be embracing the idea by combining the best of both. If you happen to be in the category that can afford these attractive investment offerings, then here are the four best opportunities in the market for you to put your money in.

1. Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs are similar to mutual funds, primarily differing in the extent of control the individual investor has. If you are more confident about your investment skills, then REITs might be the better choice for you. You are investing in shares and can choose based on your assessment of their performance. 

There are mutual funds that also invest in REITs in their portfolios; however, the decisions on these would be made by the fund managers. Public traded REITs offer more transparency; unfortunately, there is always a chance of oversight and additional risk. 

2. Rental Properties

There seems to be nothing more lucrative than investing in rental properties in 2020. Many states in the US are witnessing their highest rate of rent growth in the past couple of years. The rent growth in Arizona is 5.1%, which is three times higher than the national average. If you are wondering how to sell a house, consider the option of remodeling it as a rental arrangement.

The right location is all that takes to merit out of this. With the availability of property managers, this would be like any other investment, only more profitable. Be in the short term or long term, rental models are gaining more traction with the additional benefits of tax write-offs. 

3. Investing in Real Estate-Focused Companies

The scope of real estate is not confined to shares or properties alone. In the digital era, there are also companies focusing on real estate services. As the majority of the businesses are adopting digital versions, itis worth looking into the sector for investing opportunities.

There are digital platforms that offer reviews on agents and serve as a connection point to find the top agents in town. Startups are coming with innovative ideas that apply to the niche challenges of real estate. If you come across a promising business plan, then the indirect tact of investing in companies might yield you good returns. 

4. Real Estate Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are always considered a feasible choice, as long as you are wise with your preferences. In real estate, the funds are restricted to property trading or related businesses. This merely translates to the investor benefiting from the trend of profitability in the real estate sector

The importance here goes to deciding which fund to invest in, and you must do a track record and methodology, No two real estate mutual funds are the same. Look for one that has consistent profits and lower fees without compromising the standards. 

5. Real Estate Notes

Real estate notes come into play when two parties agree on a transaction. It commonly applies to distressed properties, where you can buy out the debt and then receive payment from the owner. It works for the short term if you choose the foreclosure option or for the long term if you opt to restructure the debt. 

This might not be the best way to make a profit out of it, but you would be helping homeowners to pay off the debt while being able to benefit a little. 

The current real estate landscape offers much more than conventional methods of making money. With due diligence and expertise on the market, you can indeed remunerate from any of these choices. Do the best to keep your capital safe while enjoying the many benefits these opportunities offer.

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