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How to Fix an Unhappy Marriage

You woke up first and saw your wife sleeping next to you. Remember when her look evoked tenderness? And what do you have now? Indifference. You start developing thoughts about whether you marriage was a right thing to do. Now you have become more irritable, constantly angry about thoughts that the fire of your passion has already turned into ashes. Marriage was not what you dreamed of. Maybe it’s just a crisis? Before you make a decision, you need to weigh out everything carefully. Here are some recommendations on how to fix a marriage that is falling apart.

Why are you staying in an unhappy marriage?

Do you still feel a bond or those are just fears?
Of course, both of us were in love when she said “Yes” and the strings that connected us were incredible. But what happened now? Some people are frightened to be alone. They hate this feeling when no one is by their side, scared to sleep in a cold bed. Some people may overcome even greater problems. Their children will miss a parent, so the decision to divorce becomes and unbearable dilemma for both. But you should perfectly understand that clicking on this article and having this thought arisen in your head already tells a lot.

A couple or just neighbors?

A healthy marriage means that you spend a lot of time together, enjoy each other’s company. Your wife is both your lover and comrade. When your marriage is in crisis, the intimate relationship suffers first: sex happens rarely. Both partners begin to spend less and less time together, they try to retire, spend more time with their children or friends, and stay at work. Such a relationship is more like a roommate than a union of two loving people. How to fix a failing marriage? Realize whether you still have feelings for each other. Talk to each other.

How to fix your marriage? Estimate whether your problems can be sorted out.

There are a number of problems that can be handled, even though they may seem incredibly complex. Sexual problems, disagreements in the financial policies of the family, broken communication links can all be mended with the desire to work on the relationships. However, when things have taken their toll, some problems will not be tolerated. These include treason, physical and emotional violence, complete exclusion from a partner and his needs, different views on the presence of children in the family – all this will inevitably lead to a divorce. Unfortunately, most families hesitate to address to the professional, which is always a good idea.

Do you even try to fight for it?

When a couple has mutual claims, this already turns into a game of who is more ready to talk about the ruining relationship. If a wife hesitates to talk to her husband, because she just want to start a fight, and a man hates to be emotional or, on the contrary, too tough and cold (although he might feel completely differently) you will never know the value of your marriage, since both sides decide to keep their mouths shut. Sad, sad story.

Are there still feelings?

Quarrels, and mutual insults can undermine the former bond that was once between you. Remember, if you wonder about even cherishing your partner, then these feelings are doomed. We are positive about things we believe in. Trust and love are the main bridge between you two. And since the bridge might be burnt, there is no need in excessive drama or sound fights. Just talk like two grownup people and call it a day.

How to fix a broken marriage? Review the totals

Finally, it’s time for you to count your scars and see what’s left after a broken relationship. Maybe you have mutual friends, who would feel awkward, because now they are obliged (we low-key know it) to stay with one member of an ex-couple. Maybe you already have children who will inevitably suffer from such a split. Be careful in your desires and make decisions that you do not have to regret later.

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