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The cloud is all you hear about these days. Companies everywhere are shifting their workflows to cloud software to do things more efficiently and move their workforces abroad. Believe it or not, 83% of all company work is estimated to now reside in the cloud.

However, finding the best option isn’t always easy with so many cloud software companies available. Keep the five things below in mind when looking for cloud computing software to find the best product to handle the job.

1. Support Methods

You won’t find great support at every cloud provider. Even if a company has a great product, things can still go wrong. In cases like this, you can’t afford not to be able to reach someone for help.

Check the support options provided by a company. Some websites only offer email support. Others will give a phone number, contact form, and any other type of support you can think of.

Consider what you’re comfortable with and ensure your provider has that support options.

2. Product Scalability

Not every cloud product scales the same way. Some programs offer unlimited features and usage for a fixed monthly price.

Other options will charge by the user or the feature.

With so many pricing models, it’s crucial to understand how your company will scale with the pricing models. You may end up paying a lot more money to a company if they don’t have great pricing terms for a lot of use.

3. Security Procedures

If a company expects users to hand over sensitive data, it’s on them to ensure that data is safe. Unfortunately, some cloud providers may cut corners and not take data security seriously.

While this may not be a big deal if you don’t work in a regulated industry with confidential data, security is something you shouldn’t ignore. Check the security procedures for a cloud service to ensure they do enough to keep their customers safe.

4. Software Integrations

Software products don’t operate in a vacuum anymore. Now that everything is connected, you can sync data between different applications to get better insights into your company.

The question is, will your cloud service provider offer integrations with the products you use now and in the future?

Check your current software lineup to see if there are any opportunities to integrate with your new software. You can also reach out to companies offering services like ADP implementation and custom developments to get the connections you need.

5. Customer Testimonials

One of the final parts of vetting your cloud-based services options is to see what other customers have to say. You won’t always be able to immediately test things like customer service when signing up for software. It isn’t until you have a problem that you realize that a company doesn’t have great support.

You can learn about these issues beforehand by reading online reviews. A quick search should provide plenty of reviews for your software options. Make sure there aren’t any red flags that would make a cloud app unappealing.

Don’t Buy From the First Cloud Software Companies You Find

There is a ton of software on the internet, and unfortunately, not all of it is good. You need to spend your money wisely when investing in cloud services. During your search, keep the factors above in mind to find great cloud software companies to use in your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tech tools you can use in your business, head back to the blog to find more posts on the subject.

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