Rendering quality, healthcare services to patients can be impeded by communication barriers, limited language proficiency, cultural misunderstanding, and hearing impairment.

Not all medical professionals and health care providers have a smooth relationship with their patients. That is why medical interpreters are sometimes the best people to get help from. Medical interpreters are naturally proficient when it comes to communicating and or relaying messages.

They can do this via specialized communications skills, language proficiency, and the ability to deal with patients and clients of a different culture.

So how do you deal with a medical interpreter and get the best out of their service?

Meeting with the Patient

It is important to arrange a meeting with the medical team together with the patient and the interpreter to set expectations and develop a good working relationship with each other onwards. Most professionals who render medical translation services will request for this advance meeting.

The interpreter must be provided with background information regarding the patient and his case to speed up the process. This is also the best time to find out if any cultural differences are going to be a problem.

While meeting with the patient, give the patient the impression that you are having a one-on-one conversation, and the interpreter is only a facilitator. Do this by focusing solely on the patient. Talk directly to the patient, not through the interpreter. Look and talk to them like language is not a barrier.

Keep it Simple

Try as much as possible to use short, simple sentences to communicate. It makes it easier for the interpreter to relay your messages quickly. Avoid using too much medical jargon. Avoid talking too fast or using long sentences. The aim is to avoid misinterpretation or confusion, especially when you need to find out vital information about the client.

Make sure that the interpretation process is smooth and accurate. It is best if you do away with lengthy statements and explanations. Make yourself clear to everyone and keep everything simple.

Let the Interpreter Do His Thing

The main reason why you are working with a medical interpreter is that the circumstances are beyond you. Remember that you hire them because of their mastery and expertise. Respect that they have their own ability, so it is best if you do not interfere in the interpretation process.

Great medical interpreters have mastered the art of seamless interpretation wherein they convey messages back and forth without hampering the process. This is the trademark of seasoned professionals who provide medical translation services. Help them by giving them space and time to execute their job.

Never underestimate the power of communication when trying to provide premium patient-oriented healthcare services. Avoid any barriers in communication by getting assistance from seasoned medical translation experts who will surely help in making a mission success.

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