How to keep the dryness under control How to keep the dryness under control

Are you dealing with dry eye syndrome? If yes, don’t worry; it is not a major issue that should make you sweat; even if it is at a chronic stage, you can still cure it with some easy remedies like using dry eye sleep mask, which we will discuss in this post. A little dryness in the eyes sometimes is normal and cannot be referred to as dry eye syndrome. In order to seek a dry eye treatment, you need to be sure if you really have the syndrome or not. This information will help you clear your doubts and know about dry eyes better. Also, we have rounded up some easy remedies to cure dry eyes at home. So, make sure you read till the end.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a disease when you start feeling excess dryness in your eyes. It is caused by either poor quality tears or reduced tear production in your eyes. Tears glands basically produce good quality tears that keep the eyes lubricated. But when the glands aren’t working properly, you end up with dry eye syndrome. Some common symptoms of dry eyes are irritation, burning, blurred vision, light sensitivity, mucus in and around the eyes, fatigued eyes, redness, painful sensations in eyes, urge to scratch the eyes, etc. if you are wondering what caused dry eyes in you, dry eyes can be caused by both environmental and medical factors. If you are experiencing the majority of these symptoms, then chances are you are suffering from dry eyes syndrome. If you have doubts, you can consult a doctor. For others, you may move ahead to the treatments.

Add supplements

Many studies suggest that dry eyes can be cured by adding more omega-three fatty acids to your diet. The fat can help to reduce inflammation in the body, including the eyes. So, when the inflammation reduces in your eyes, it relieves the dryness. This allows more tear production and lubricates the surface of the eyes. Add omega 3 enriched foods to your diet or even consider supplements for the same.

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Use dry eyes mask

A very effective remedy for curing your dry eyes is by using a dry eye mask. A dry eye mask is an amazing product that is available today to manage the common syndrome of dryness, itching, and burning. The dry eye relief mask contains gel or beads that are heated to bring at a medium temperature that is not too hot. The warm mask is then applied to the eyes, and it heats up the oil inside your eyelids. The oil, when heated, becomes thinner and hence, flows easily through the glands and reaches the eyes. His product has brought relief to thousands of people. You can give it a try to cure your gritty eyes.

Teardrops or other ointments

There are a variety of over-the-counter medications for dry eyes that may help. Artificial tears or eye drops can provide brief relief. It’s important to remember that certain eye drops contain preservatives. These are commonly packaged in multidose vials with preservatives to inhibit bacterial development after the vial is opened. If you have a poor reaction to preservative-containing eye drops, or if you use them more than four times a day, you should switch to preservative-free drops. Single-dose vials are used for preservative-free drops. Ointments are thicker than drops and are intended to cover the eyeball for longer-term relief from dryness.

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These simple remedies can cure temporary dry eyes syndrome and don’t really have any type of side effects. So, you can start the treatment at an early stage.

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