How to pair shoe with your outfits perfectly How to pair shoe with your outfits perfectly

Shoes are an important part of your styling, simple changes and match and match can make a lot of difference when it comes to shoes. It isn’t important how many pairs of shoes you own, what matters is how flawlessly you pair them up with your outfits.

All you need to do is use some simple rules and tricks to pair up your footwear and attires flawlessly. Confused how?

Here are some tricks that you can use while selecting shoes and styling them with your dress.

1. Comfort is a priority

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Choose your footwear wisely according to occasion and day. We often choose our look over comfort and that’s exactly what we should not. For a casual day on the street if you choose pumps over flats it might look good but after an hour you won’t be able to enjoy and walk properly. Pair your outfit with a flat cushioned sole or sneakers that look smart and comfortable.

 2. Metallic pumps are essential

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Metallic pumps never go out of fashion and go perfectly with almost every outfit. Use metallic pumps to a bit party and classy look, metallic pumps make the outfit look heavy and party-friendly. You can pair them with jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. You aren’t required to buy too many shades but gold and silver or a two-tone metallic shade.

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3. Use boots in winters

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Do you know you can pair so many summer clothes with boots? With high length boots, you can pair up summer shorts, skirts, and other dresses too. Wear them, put on an overcoat or sweater and you are ready to go.

4. Try a Darker shade

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While choosing the shade of your footwear with an outfit, choose a darker shade. It looks classier and more elegant and also soothing to the eyes; you can also match the shade of your shoes with your outfit 

5. Don’t be a fashion victim

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Don’t be a fashion victim, there is a slight difference between a trend follower and a fashion victim. Wear what suits you and represents your personality. Some trends aren’t comfortable or user-friendly; they just look good on social media not in reality. So don’t fall for them, wear what you are comfortable in.

 6. Add basic shades

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You don’t have to own a matching shoe with every outfit of yours and that’s fine. If you are not sure about colour you can always pick basic shades like black and nude shades. They can be styled with almost every outfit.

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7. Never wear the same texture

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One principal rule that you should always follow is not to wear footwear of the same material or texture of the outfit you are wearing. For example, wearing a velvet heel with a velvet dress is a big no-no for this.

8. Pick a colour from the pattern

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We often don’t have the same color footwear, no problem you can pick any colour from your outfit. It can be print, shade, or anything, and pair your footwear with the same shade and you are all set to slay!

9. A total contrast shades

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Now this one is quite risky but often works if you have a basic idea of mix and match. You can wear completely opposite shades of footwear like with dark outfits, something very bright and popping. For example, styling red stilettos with a black dress or olive green with a yellow dress. These combinations are totally opposite but looks great when you try.

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10. Choose according to weather

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Every type of shoe has its utility, a leather boot that can look so stylish with denim shorts in winter would look disaster in summer with the same shorts. It is important to choose according to season and weather. To make this clearer another example could be a pair of gladiators that looks too good with rompers or dress but wearing them in winters would freeze your foot.

11. Know the occasion

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Just like deciding according to weather is important similarly knowing the occasion is equally important. If attending a wedding on an open lawn avoid wearing pencil heels because they become uncomfortable in wet grass. Similarly, you can pair gladiators, sneakers, and pumps with the same dress but what is important to know is where are you heading, is it some official meeting, or a casual outing with friends.

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12. Keep essentials

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While deciding your shoe collection or buying first take essential footwear. Pumps, ballies, and sneakers are some basics that you can pair with so many outfits on different occasions. The best part is you can wear them in any season or weather, they fit perfectly.

So these are some useful tricks that can help you to choose your shoe for your outfit of the day and save so much time of yours!

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