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Have you ever wondered how those stylish Instagrammers and fashion bloggers make every outfit they wear look new, interesting and incredibly chic? Even though their exceptional personal style and a killer wardrobe does help, they also have a few sneaky style tricks up their sleeve that make a world of difference. So, the next time you’re stuck in a fashion rut or you simply need a quick and stylish fix, here are the best tricks you should steal from experienced fashion bloggers:

1. Mixing completely unexpected pieces

The best fashion bloggers often bring innovative style ideas, so it might be time to get creative with your own closet and mix completely unexpected items. Whether you decide to pair your athleisure track pants with high heels like Kim K, layer a lightweight summer dress over skinny jeans, or even mix different prints that usually wouldn’t be worn together, don’t be afraid to create your own style by constantly rearranging your favorite pieces and creating fashionable outfits.

2. Playing with silhouettes and proportions

By experimenting with various lengths on your bottoms and tops, you’ll be able to add more dimension and visual interest to any chic outfit, especially when creating a layered look. Similarly, if you have a few chunky, oversized pieces you love to wear, but which tend to swallow you up, try cinching your waist with a wide belt or even half tucking your oversized top into your bottoms, to give your figure a more defined, feminine shape worthy of a true fashionista.

3. Making bodysuits a closet staple

A growing trend that only seems to gain in popularity, a fashionable bodysuit has become a wardrobe staple among fashion bloggers and street style icons. This universally flattering piece can look incredible on any figure, hugging your curves beautifully and showing off your assets in the subtlest of ways. An extremely versatile item, a bodysuit can be worn all year round to almost any occasion, as not only does it look stylish paired with a midi skirt or high-waisted jeans, but it’s also perfect for layering under classic cardigans or even professional blazers.

4. Draping your outerwear pieces

It’s a fashionista go-to for a good reason – simply taking any jacket or coat you’ve decided to wear and draping it over your shoulders will take any outfit to the next level and make you look effortlessly chic. It’s the ideal silhouette option when you feel like you need to add an extra style boost to an otherwise plain and simple outfit, and it is also a great technique for wearing those outerwear pieces you love, but that might not look as flattering once you actually put them on.

5. Breaking up a neutral outfit

If you want to make a monochromatic outfit look more interesting, swipe out one of the pieces with a boldly printed item, and make it the center of attention against an all-neutral base, then add some dynamic with an accent color in the form of a coordinating lipstick and nail polish. Another way to spruce up a head-to-toe neutral outfit is to add a few boldly colored or animal printed accessories, or even both. Animal prints can easily add a sophisticated edge to any basic outfit, while bright colors tend to look sharp and exciting against all neutrals.

6. Accessorizing like a pro

If you want to look like a style innovator, you simply have to learn how to accessorize. One of the most popular accessories on the streets today, everything from conductor hats to dad hats are being worn to cover up those bad hair days. As the perfect cherry on top of a stylish outfit, hats can be worn in every season and every shape. Another fashion blogger staple, a great pair of sunglasses seems to be the key to pulling off any outfit. From aviators to old-fashioned cat eyes, fancy shades are a must-have accessory for any fashion enthusiast.

The final, and most important, trick you should steal from fashion bloggers is to simply have confidence. The bottom line is that style is entirely personal, which is why you should always feel comfortable and confident in any outfit you choose to wear.

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