How to house train your dog quickly How to house train your dog quickly

Having a pet has become a common trend and dog is leading the race among the popular pets. Who will not desire a cute looking puppy in their house? A cute live toy who will help you to overcome the entire day’s stress but only when you can train your dog properly otherwise this bundle of joy will make you more stressed for sure!

You need to train your dog by keeping your lifestyle, family demands, and other things in mind quickly so that you can pass this stage without regret. Training a difficult dog can give you hard time but you can do it with patience for sure! Even if your dog is not difficult then also you need to plan and follow the planning with complete dedication to train it.

Some simple tips that will help you to learn it easily are:

A) Preparing your own house in these ways for training-

  1. Residual odors should be removed immediately- once you have made up your mind about this training, firstly you need to remove any bad odor or urine patches from your home. It will remove the audacity in your dog to treat your home as a toilet. It is advisable to buy special pet odor removal and black light. You need to inspect your house in dark and this black light aids in reflecting old stains so that you can have this complete cleaning experience. Choose wisely among the series of products that are present in the market.
  2. Keep your supplies together– if your supplies are placed together then it gets easier for you to focus on the training. Before starting the training, do not forget to check the availability of certain products like:
  • Leash and collar– These days people buy customized collars too!
  • Squeaky toy for his entertainment and a compulsory chew toy
  • Wire crate in which your dog can fit in any position. Place it in a quiet place but ensure your dog doesn’t get lonelier there.
  1. Look for help if your work demands more outdoor activity– if you want the training for your dog to get over in 10 days then ensure that you follow the routine strictly for playtime, meals, potty, and crate time. If you have to stay out for a longer duration then keep a full-time or part-time pet sitter who can regularize this habit at a scheduled time.

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B) Plan a fixed routine for your dog- 

  1. Planning your whole day schedule- before planning your schedule remember you need to take your dog out thrice every day- morning, post-meal, and before sleeping at night. Check the timings and follow them strictly. You certainly want to know about the benefit of enrichment activities if you are wondering how to create a healthy schedule for your pets. Dog enrichment activities are easy to do at home for both pet parents and their pets. Various activities like hide-and-seek, sniffing games, etc. can provide a lot of mental stimulation for dogs. Using enrichment activities makes planning a daily schedule easier!
  2. Sick to a nearby safe, open space where he can do potty. Try to associate it with some name so that it gets easier for him to understand. In case if you have no such place then carry a plastic bag to pick it up. Carrying a dog litter tray is also a good option.
  3. A cozy and safe crate is highly suggested– never put him into a crate while punishing him rather makes it a comfortable place where he prefers to spend more time.
  4. Pay attention to your dog’s activity– your dog signals in several ways to indicate that he wants to pee or do potty by circulating at a place, sniffing at the floor, putting his tail in a strange position, or showing you the outside way. Try to decipher these signals to understand him more!
  5. Note down his habits as it helps in scheduling his toilet and other habits later.
  6. Stay attentive always– you need to check with him whenever he is roaming around as he may hurt himself accidentally. Be more alert when you take him out for the toilet. The best of all is to tie the leash to your waist while you take him out!
  7. Do not let any mess remain- in case if your dog had accidentally peed somewhere, clean it immediately with a cleaner that has no ammonia. The smell of ammonia and urine is the same and your dog may take it as urine and continue doing it indoors. Do not punish your dog for such accidents.

Remember to praise your dog every time he starts coming into a schedule. Do not shout at him if he does any mistake or punishes him rather clap or make a disturbing loud noise so that he understands that he has done something wrong.

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Wrapping up

Having a trained pet is a blessing, enjoy it by being a little bit attentive.

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