Becoming a police officer is one of the most coveted careers in the United States. Many people want to become police officers in order to serve people. The job also comes with good perks like excellent retirement benefits, a good salary, health insurance for you and your family, among others.

Different precincts have different requirements for recruiting police officers. If you want to become a police officer in Cranston Rhode Island, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Meet the basic requirements

The Police department of Cranston has minimum requirements; you must be;

  • At least 20 years of age
  • Holder of a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Have a valid driver’s license for Rhode Island
  • Have no convictions
  • Not color blind.

Besides, you must have one of the following;

  • Must have completed 30 college credits to apply and by the time of hire at least 60 credits from an accredited college or university.
  • Served a minimum of two years continuously in military service.
  • Have graduated from a state-certified police academy and worked for at least two years steadily as a corrections officer or police officer.
  1. When to Apply

Applications are only accepted during open recruitment drives. If interested, keep up with the Police News Rhode Island to know the dates.

  1. Take Physical Agility Test

The physical agility test is the first step to the employment process. This is usually a pass or fail test, and only the candidates that pass all the parts are eligible to proceed with the process of employment.

  1. Take a written exam

The fourth step is taking the written exam to assess reading, memory, observation, and written communication skills. The minimum score is 70% to enable you to proceed with the employment process.

  1. Background Investigation

After passing the written exam, you must complete a background information package and return it together with any other documentation that may be deemed necessary.

  1. Go through the Oral Interview

The oral interview is graded and a candidate is expected to score at least 70% to pass. The results from the oral interview are combined with those of the written transcript for an overall ranking that is used to rank eligibility of candidates.

  1. Complete Remaining Test

Once you have made it to the eligibility list, you will be offered conditional employment that is pegged on your passing the background investigation as well as integrity interview, psychological and physical examination.

  1. Complete Police Training

The last step is to complete a police academy program offered through the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy.  Lastly, you must go through the Field Training Officer Program to become a full police officer with the Cranston Police Department of Rhode Island.

If your interest is in Rhode Island, ensure to read the Police News Rhode Island to stay updated on any other recruitment dates in other precincts.

The recruitment process is rigorous and leaves nothing to chance. Cranston Police Department prides itself on its commitment to improving public safety, and only the best can get hired.

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