How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim

Terry Bryant Law Firm is an accident and injury law firm that specializes in personal injury cases. There are thousands of lawyers across the country who handle these types of cases, and the same question always pops up because everyone is worried about the same thing. How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Neither is there a right or a wrong answer. It all depends on the type of injury, accident, and severity of the outcome after the incident took place. If possible, the main goal should be to get the client back to their usual way of life, but it does not always happen that way. Every case is different.

What Determines the Length of Time To Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

Many factors come into play when it comes to determining how long before any case gets settled. How bad the client is injured would be the first thing we can look into according to the medical standpoint. Since every individual is different, there is no way to predict the future. Some people heal quicker than others. Some may not heal at all and never be 100 percent. We look into if the client is disabled for the remainder of their lives in each personal injury case. That will determine if they can go back to work and support themselves or their families.

The medical expenses are another thing that is looked into as the client may have a brief time under medical care or will it be for the rest of their lives. Some are injured so bad; they have to have around the clock care. These cases can last the longest unless some substantial amount can be agreed upon outside of court. In many cases, this does happen where settlements occur outside the courtroom.

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As soon as a case is opened, investigations occur where the law firm will have its team members investigate the events that happened to cause the accident. The studies can also determine if a case is cut and dry or if it will be prolonged. A few times, cases may turn into a class action lawsuit if more than one person is coming up injured at the same workplace or some form of group malpractice. That would prolong cases by the years. A few days and months have been the issue when a person has healed quickly and returned to their everyday lives.

Accidents or work-related injuries are different when it comes to investigations. Sometimes there may be witnesses involved, and many people have to be questioned to find the bottom line to the matter’s truth. Some people have things documented so well when they enter the law firm; the attorney has all the information they need to know about the case. The client records dates, times, events, and other notations, and it is an open and close case. These cases can be settled quickly as long as the client heals up quickly from their injury. If the case is work-related, some clients have documents or spreadsheets with a report showing the loss of wages.

The Medial Treatments 

If the medical treatments are needed for life or if a caregiver is called into the picture, this can prolong the claim. The whole point of getting an attorney is so the client gets what is owed to them and, in most cases, get a substantial amount of restitution for their pain and suffering. The client should never have to pay anything if an accident is at no fault of their own. Medical bills are the most significant part of the lawsuit due to the cost of medical treatment. Hospital stays, doctor visits, and ongoing therapy can prolong the case for as long as is necessary for the benefit of the client’s return to health.

Everyone understands when it is a personal injury for life, the client needs their money. In these cases, we factor in a substantial amount of money paid in a lump sum and will be enough to take care of the client during their medical treatment for the remainder of their days. When it comes to these cases, the judge may allow additional compensation to the client if the conditions worsen due to the injury or if the client has unexpected medical expenses.

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Following Instructions

Everyone understands the anxiousness of the client wanting their due compensation coming to them. Cooperation with the attorney, courts, medical staff and doctors, and all those involved in the client’s well-being can help things move along quickly for the client to get their settlement as soon as possible. As long as the client is cooperative and does not go off on their own and they do as the professionals request them to do, the case should move pretty quickly. Much time can be wasted if the client does not follow instructions, so it depends on if they oblige. The reliability of the client handing over information and keeping communication open is as important as the attorney.

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