How does fashion connect to the video games industry How does fashion connect to the video games industry

At first glance, it seems that video gaming and fashion are two separate industries. But there are some areas where both industries connect surprisingly well. Further, knowing what the similarities are, businesses can take the best advantage of the opportunities that lie within. 

As a marketer or promoter of fashion business, you can’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with the same point in mind. In this article, we are going to talk about the connection between the fashion and gaming industry, which makes it one. 

How Does Fashion Connect to the Video Games Industry?

The fashion and gaming industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in today’s world. Both are popular among the young and new generation. So far, both have a separate market and audience base. 

But, due to the transition in lifestyle, virtual events, and many more ways, these two industries are slowly becoming interconnected. Here are the top six points that the fashion and gaming industry needs to know before coordinating and working together as one. 

1. Gaming character design and personal style customization. 

To create a distinctive gaming character, fashion has a significant role in its design. The designer wants to make the character as easily recognizable and unique as possible. Moreover, in most video games particularly the RPGs (Role Playing Games), the character of the game is the heart. The ability to choose the right outfits, accessories, and even hairstyles makes the player feel more connected to the character. With the ability to add personal style to a character, the players emotionally connect with that iconic character.

2. The creative aspects of making a unique game and style.

Well, both the gaming and fashion industries are the creative fields following a brief history as per the CyberGhost’s blog post. Which further makes the gaming developers and fashion designers some sort of artists. They have the challenge to create and present something new to the world. Every new game follows a new mindset and innovative approach, the fashion has the same with comfort and lifestyle. Overall, in both fields, creativity is the main skill that needs to be present in designers naturally.

3. Gaming world to real-life fashion trends.

The growing popularity of the games virtually, opens up a new market for the fashion industry, in real life. As players customize their characters or gaming avatars all, the clothing demand also grows significantly. The popularity of the gaming character also follows the rise in clothing and accessories that are heavily demanded by game lovers. The fashion business can target this audience to design a new lines of clothing and apparel. 

4. Cultural impacts on story and character design.

Notably, most game developers take inspiration from cultural concepts including the latest fashion trends. Whether it’s to develop their gaming concept or character outfit design, the field takes ideas from contemporary fashion and styles. It could be because the developer wants to make their game as visually appealing as possible, and also to make the relatable gaming character. That looks so real in a virtual world and the audience can connect it well.

5. The increasing popularity of gaming events and fashion shows. 

The most popular game has an online community and support from of fans and players worldwide. It leads to the rise of gaming events and competition, where players and their supporter shows up, styling their favorite characters costumer and unique styles. These dynamics focus on fashion and gaming, where players follow their favorite character’s costumes adding their personal touch. 

6. It’s part of the growing e-commerce market. 

Undoubtedly, the video games have been growing in popularity over the years and they now have a massive audience base. The business is already huge and the fashion industry can’t ignore the rising popularity of this field. With the rise of professional gaming players to influencers now it’s so easy to promote the offering on the internet. The e-commerce market offers a platform for fashion brands to promote and sell their offering to the players online. The change in purchasing behavior, makes the fashion industry to reach the game players and followers with their attention-grabbing marketing campaign.

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Final Thoughts

Due to rising the popularity of the gaming industry, most fashion brands are seeing the opportunities lie there. Indeed, they could reach more audiences and enter into the fast-growing market. But, as a smart marketer, influencer, and fashion brand, knowing the similarities between the fashion and video game industry could help more. 

Following these points, it is easy to understand this creative field well enough, so you can plan and strategize likewise. The one obvious thing that makes these two fields is both are expressive and creative. So if you come up with new concepts or do something unique with your ideas, you could leave a lasting impression in the market.

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