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Here’s Why You’re So Hungry on Your Period

Can you believe someone can get so hungry on their period that they could devour the entire McDonald’s menu if they wanted? Neither can we, even though we do this every month.

Hunger when menstruating can be overwhelming. Imagine if you are someone who does not snack very often. Suddenly, once a month, you feel like you can lie in bed all day eating everything in your snack drawer.

Do you need to eat more calories when hungrier on period? Here is everything you need to know about dealing with period body changes and which period food to go for if you end up with munchies.

Why Do You Get Hungry on Your Period?

Whether you call it shark week or the crimson tide, menstruation is the monthly interval when your uterus may want to give up on life. This is because it sheds its lining, and it is never a fun time.

You will end up with headaches, fatigue, cramping, and bloating. However, one of the better symptoms is hunger when menstruating. The most pain you may experience is acid reflux or a night on the toilet after many takeaways.

Whether you go for pizza or chocolate, increased hunger happens during, after, or even right before menstruation. This occurs when your progesterone hormone is more dominant during this part of your menstruation cycle.

At the same time, your estrogen levels are declining. So, you can expect to also be more prone to mood swings while feeling sleeper than usual.

Eating During Your Period

It is essential to not feel guilty about food during your period. If you want to allow yourself a treat, you deserve it. Don’t overthink it. It may be due to an overactive thyroid, even if you feel hungrier throughout your entire cycle.

However, it would help if you also watched out for other symptoms like palpitations and shaking. You need more energy as your body prepares for your period by thickening and building the uterine lining.

This is when you rely the most on nutrients from food to help develop this uterine lining. So, you can expect to crave a lot of carbohydrates and fats. Around this time, you should also be ready for the PMS mood swings that will kick in.

A lot of times, hormonal people also get into mood swings because they feel guilty for overeating during their period. Here are tips on how to control PMS anger so that you can keep your body nourished without feeling down.

Period Food

The best way to keep yourself healthy is by consuming nutrient-dense foods. You should also eat a healthy diet throughout the entire month instead of only on bleeding days.

Go for lean proteins, fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. Instead of crisps and chocolates, you should swap your snacks for hummus and whole-grain crackers.

Otherwise, some cottage cheese, popcorn, Greek yogurt, berries, and peanut butter can also provide a lot of comfort.

Period Body Changes

Now that you know why you get hungry on your period, it is time to revamp your snack drawer. Even though treating yourself to some unhealthy snacks is okay, you will feel a lot better by opting for some fruits and vegetables with lean protein to avoid worsening any PMS symptoms.

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