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In times of discontent, confusion, and fear, the world needs a hero, and that hero is sure to be your  Quarantine Beard. A well-groomed beard reminds the world that there are still some things that we can control and people we can depend on. If you’re interested in making this bold move, but you’re a little unsure about how to grow a beard successfully, we’re here to equip you with knowledge.

Step 1: Plan for a beard

If you are somewhat new to the task of beard-growing, or you’ve never been pleased with the final product of your past attempts, two main factors to consider as you plan your beard are your facial shape and your ability to grow facial hair.

Ideally, your beard should highlight your facial features and should add interest rather than merely mimicking your facial structure. Your beard should also express your personality. If you start feeling discouraged because you’re unable to grow or flaunt a certain type of beard, remember that your face is meant to grow your type of beard, not someone else’s.

So grow whatever you can grow, and own it like the bold and confident man you are (see Step 5).
Maybe you already know how and where your beard grows most consistently from past experience, or maybe you need to take some time to just let it grow and see what happens. Quarantine is the perfect time to try this experiment. If you’re worried your neighbors will think that you’ve simply let yourself go, you can always groom around your beard (ie, your neck) for a cleaner look. Once you’ve discovered where you are able to grow facial hair, see which of your favorite beard styles it looks most like, and continue to grow and shape your beard from there.

Step 2: Persevere for a manly beard

For most men, growing a beard takes a lot of time and patience. While you may not be able to speed up your body’s natural growth process, you can do certain things to help it along. Supplements such as Biotin promote fuller and healthier hair and eating foods such as beef, eggs, and potatoes increase your body’s natural ability to produce and process beard growth hormones.

According to Beardoholic, “Since beard growth is primarily regulated by the production of the male hormones testosterone and DHT, our diets can actually boost facial hair growth when we ingest foods that promote the synthesis of these two androgens [hormones that impact male traits and reproduction] and make it easier for our bodies to utilize them.
In addition to hormone production, multiple other factors, including vitamins and minerals, can cause chemical changes in our bodies that can make it easier to grow a thicker beard.”

Remember, you’re forging a symbol of hope for the nations! It’s not going to be quick… or necessarily easy…

Step 3: Pacify – for patchy beards

In fact, we’ll go ahead and tell you right now- the process will be pretty itchy. You’re going to want to give in and shave before your beard has reached its full potential. But for the sake of the greater good, keep fighting the good fight.

Aside from the new experience of extended hair growth, your beard may be trapping irritants such as food and dust against your skin that can be the Trojan horse that destroys your beard from the inside out… or at the very least, is nasty and uncomfortable. To prevent these threats and be a good caretaker of your face, keep your beard clean.

The skin on your face is more sensitive and finicky than the skin on the rest of your body, including your scalp. So while you can choose to use body wash or regular shampoo on your beard, keep in mind that it isn’t designed to be used there. As a result, regular soaps may further irritate your skin, and even produce beardruff. by making your skin either Here are some of the best products that are specifically designed to keep your skin clean and your beard nourished.

Another tool to consider using is a beard oil. If you struggled with acne as a teenager, you may already be familiar with what kind of skin type you have and what sorts of products make your face extra dry or oily. If not, you may need to do some research or learn by experience to find what works best on your skin and your facial hair.
While you may only need to wash your beard a few times a week to once a day, you should probably oil your beard about twice a day. Of course, let your own skin and facial hair be your guide as to how much or how little oil it needs to stay healthy and comfortable.

Step 4: Growing a Perfect Beard

After more time has passed, you will be over the hump of new-beard-discomfort-and-confusion and ready to start shaping and maintaining your masterpiece.
Keeping your beard brushed and trimmed does wonder for the style and sanitation of your facial hair. It will give a more symmetric and intentional look to your beard by eliminating split ends, flyaways and unwanted scruff, and it will also help keep out dust and dirt in between washes.
Your perfecting armoury should include a beard comb or brush. Some high-quality, sharp grooming scissors that won’t tug unnecessarily at the follicles, and a great trimmer.

Step 5: Parade – Show-off your beard

Now it’s time to show off your hard work. The thing that makes your beard a manly one is that you’ve grown it and nurtured it with the strength it takes to withstand itching, the self-control it takes to patiently wait for growth, and the mastery of carefully grooming your beard. So present it with confidence.
So now that you know how to grow a beard (and not just any beard- a manly one), get out there and grow it. Our world needs you!

This article was written by Alex Rogers.
Alex is a beard aficionado who loves everything to do with men’s style and grooming. After discovering how much difference simple style and grooming made to his life; he started his blog and brand Norse Grooming to share valuable tips & products with others.

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