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With the advent of the internet, our life has become a lot easier – in every possible aspect. Technology has simplified our lives and increased our productivity. Everything that we can think of in the present world, a possibility is we can do the same thing online, from the comfort of our home.

Education is one of the basic rights of mankind. It shapes the personality of a man and equips him with the necessary skills required to earn a livelihood. The Internet has made it possible to earn degrees and certificates from the comfort of your home. Based on reports, online marketing degrees and online graduate degrees are most popular among people who study online. Let us have a look at the best online marketing degrees and best online Graduate Certificate degrees.

Best Online Marketing Degrees

  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham – The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers one of the best online marketing degrees. With a team comprising of award-winning faculties and 24/7 live support, students will always receive the help they are looking for. Also, this University is recognized as one of the top ones by many corporates. Students can choose from 8 specializations in the marketing sector, and the course requires 120 credit hours.
  • Colorado State University-Global Campus – The Colorado State University-Global Campus offers Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing programs. The students can choose from a number of specializations – advertising, public relations, consulting and brand management. Students are required to put in 120 credit hours. The Colorado State University has received its regional accreditation from the HLC (Higher Learning Commision). This University is among one which offers best online Marketing degrees.
  • Indiana Wesleyan University – The Bachelor of Science program at Indiana Wesleyan University focuses on providing its students with general business skills and a basic understanding of economic, financial and general management principles. Students can choose any specialization from 10 major ones. It requires a total of 124-semester credits including 30 in liberal arts.

Best Online Graduate Certificate Degrees

  • Harvard University – Harvard University, continuously ranked among the top Universities in the world offers the best online graduate certificate degree in marketing. The tuition fees are much less compared to the classroom program. The students enrolled in the online program are eligible for financial aids and scholarships too. The degree is valued highly by the corporate world and the Return on Investment (RoI) is very high.
  • The University of Central Florida – Located in Orlando, Florida in the USA, the University of Central Florida has more than 50% of its students enrolled online for graduate courses. The 12-month program teaches the students a variety of marketing degrees – with the main focus on hospitality management – which is a major growth area US as well as the world.
  • Boston University – Located in Boston, MA, Boston University’s global marketing management is the best online graduate certificate program focuses on successful marketing in the global economy. It is one of the top Universities in the USA which provides online graduate certificate in marketing. Per credit, tuition is fixed and affordable, and it has a wide presence of international students.

Educating oneself had never been so easy! Just login to the website, enroll yourself, pay the tuition fees and you are ready to take your career on to the next level!

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