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Did you know that indoor air is more contaminated as opposed to outdoor air? Hence, being inside exposes you to many illnesses such as asthma and other conditions. However, with the help of air filters, they reduce toxic particles and improve air quality.

Clean air improves your physical and mental health. However, there are a lot of air filters, and if you’re new to buying one, it can be overwhelming for you to pick the right one.

So, here are some factors to consider when choosing air filters:

1. Choosing the Right Size

When choosing the correct size of the air filter, consider the dimensions of the room you plan to purify. You can get an air filter with the exact figure with a suggested extent coverage that suits your space. You can further choose between small and large filters depending on the floor area of the room.

2. Resistivity to Airflow

If comparing with other air filter types, pick the one with the lowest resistivity to airflow. Lower resistance makes an air device run with less power while keeping the rated airflow. For example, pleated media give low resistance, and depth loading media filters offer lower resistance.

Consider knowing how air filter media functions, either surface or depth loading.

3. Allergy Relief Design

In choosing air filters, you must understand your inside air quality demands. For example, if you have sensitivities, buy an air filter that has an allergy relief design. These air purifiers remove 99% of the airborne allergen, such as dust and mold, improving air quality.

Moreover, if your allergy gets triggered by an odor, some odor filters help remove the bad smell in the air. There are likewise smoke air filters that reduce smoke and different fumes in the air. Hence, identify what you want the air filters for since that will guide you through buying a design that meets your needs.

4. Filter Material

Air filter products come in various kinds of filter media forms and build materials. For example, traditional pre-filtration requires a cardboard frame that is condensation repellent. However, this form of filter framing will decline immediately due to the wet environment.

We propose a solid frame element, like metal or plastic, to maintain its service term integrity. Plus, you must choose air filter products where the filtration media pack must be intact to the framing element. Other air filter providers don’t seal or glue their filter media to the structure.

5. Filter Quality

Consider the lifespan of changing the filters by the air filter provider instructions. It’s crucial since that is what will keep the highest level of impurities removal. Other filters might last for a year, while some need replacement every 3-6 months.

So, in choosing air filters, add the replacement prices into thought and get the worth for your bucks. Consider getting a Donaldson Torit replacement for your air filter.

Choosing Air Filters Types and Features

In choosing air filters, it’s essential to call on specialists, to help you find filters that you need. Consider all the factors above for an energy-efficient filter to have in your home.

Apart from the size and type, you must weigh other unique details that you might need in an air filter. A few of the added features are remote controls, caster wheels, air quality sensors, and many more.

Want to know more about your air conditioner and filters? For more information, check out our blogs.

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