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Now’s the time when everyone is jumping feet first into home renovations. If you have a sliding door project you’ve been putting off, it may be the perfect opportunity to tackle it before summer comes.

Any home project comes with a list of anxiety-inducing decisions. Buying sliding doors doesn’t have to be that difficult, though, if you consider the choices below. We have a full list of what to think about as you plan for your new patio doors.

1. Size of Your Door

The most important consideration when purchasing sliding doors is the size you want. You’ll start by measuring the sliding glass doors in your house. Read more here about how to do it.

Once you know the dimensions of the existing door, you can find out if it’s a standard size. If so, it’s easy to order a new door to replace the old one. If it’s a unique size, you’ll have to order a custom size.

The other consideration with regard to size is whether it seems big enough to you. Would you rather enlarge the space? If so, that will involve extra steps, but it can be done.

2. Buying Sliding Doors with Style

Look at sliding door designs to determine whether you want a patio door with two panels or three. Two-door patio doors have one door that slides in front of the other. Three-panel doors have one fixed panel in the middle, and the panels on the end both slide over the middle one.

There are plenty of other options, like doors that both slide out, or patio doors that swing instead of slide. These are all questions to ask your window and door company because they can show you examples of all the styles you’re interested in.

3. Beefing Up Security

If you’re worried about sliding doors being a security risk, then you need to know about the latest innovations in security for sliding doors. Thieves can’t just lift the door off the rails anymore because patio doors have created an interlocking system. It prevents that type of break-in.

Most sliding doors also come with steel hook locks that keep you more secure. This type of security feature has the added benefit of helping seal the door frame to keep it energy efficient. You can also find hand and foot locks on sliding doors now, designed to keep you and your family safe.

4. Budgetary Concerns

When comparing sliding door costs, be sure you learn about the different features and how much each one adds to your final price. Then weigh the pros and cons against what you can afford to spend. You’ll be able to decide what you can live without and what is necessary for your patio doors.

In some cases, you have to have a new door now. Other times, it’s best if you can save a little longer to afford all the great features you’d like to have, instead of compromising on quality to get the doors immediately.

A Beautiful Home

You’re concerned about a lot of things when you’re doing a home renovation project. The sliding door shouldn’t be the source of a headache, though. With the considerations above, you can be sure you’re buying sliding doors that work best for your home.

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