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We humans didn’t arrive on this planet out of a bud, we thrived and we fought nature, its selective course and named ourselves Homo sapiens. In our journey as a wilding and then as the first settlers we became aware of our surroundings. We found new resources and we made good use of it. But then, we knew we weren’t alone , we had to fight within ourselves, if not nature. This first desire to protect ones resources, territories and to excel, for a better life might have made the first humans to be envious.

But these reasons aren’t that bad to be jealous? are they ?it helped them survive and led us to where we are. So then why is it considered a sin now?  It’s a reflection of the devil, some say, but what if I tell you it isn’t a sight of a demon, but yourself.

German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche sees envy as part of human life. Though society looks down upon such behaviour and compels us to hide them from ourselves and the world.Yet if you think once, it isn’t wrong to be jealous as long as we use it to achieve our goal. Every person who makes us envious should be seen as a suggestion of the potentials what we can become one day. Research have suggested that benign envy can make you more alert and motivated at work. It lets you be calculative in taking steps and gives you a push to face your desires with pride. So, the next time you see a envy-inducing celebrity, business tycoon, musician or artist it indicates at the boundless possibilities of being what you can be.

Nietzsche also suggests that one should seek envy with honour and without any fear. If failure comes, it should be held with dignity and not to be resented. That what makes a Übermensch(Superman).

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