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Fries foods have become a preferred part of our daily food habits. From finger fries to chicken wings, we all find ourselves eating some or the other kind of deep-fried foods once in a while. Hence, it is essential to focus on safety measures while deep frying your favorite food. Besides, it is even more crucial to buy the best deep fryer to cook for your friends and family such as Propane deep fryer.

Let’s have a look at the crucial deep-frying safety measures you must be following.

1 – Choose Your Oil Wisely

The right frying oil will help you keep the oil from degrading. Use the oil that has the capability to withstand deep frying temperatures. Also, it must have sufficient oxidation stability for frying, must contain a low amount of free fatty acids, and is not flavored.

Another thing to keep in mind is the smoke point of the oil. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil will start to burn and smoke. The oil you choose must have a high smoke point. Oil with a high smoke point can be reused multiple times, thereby saving money. Which means, you can fry turkey at least seven to eight times in the same oil.

You can Google to know the smoke point of any oil. You can easily find the official smoke points of different oils used in your country.

2 – Avoid Water During Deep Frying

Well, this is the rule. Water in hot oil can instantly splatter and the hot bubble will burn you. Also, make sure that the food you’re about to deep fry is not wet. If it is moist, use paper towels to dry it completely before frying.

Never let water get into the fryer while you’re deep frying. Also, don’t use water to cool the fryer or to clean the equipment when it’s hot. Additionally, use a pair of tongs to avoid getting burns while putting and removing the food in the fryer.

3 – Wear Proper Attire While Deep Frying

It is recommended to wear full clothes while deep frying, just in case oil splatters over you. Also, to prevent oil from splattering, never add something in the frying pan while the basket is submerged in it.

Wear glasses to protect your eyes against splashes of hot oil, oil-resistant cooking glasses to protect your hands from burning, long sleeves and pants to avoid burning from oil splatter.

Also, it is advisable to raise the temperature slowly and then lower it while putting the food to reduce the chances of splatter.

4 – Never Fill Too Much Oil

When deep-frying foods, it is advisable to fry it in 1 ½ – 2 inches of oil (which comes down to around 4 cups). You would not want to increase the chances of burning or splattering by filling your pan full of oil.

Other Safety Precautions to take while deep frying your food include:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen just in case. Never pour water in case of fire during deep frying. It will only cause the fire to spread even more.
  • Keep a first aid kit in your kitchen.
  • Write emergency numbers including the fire station’s number in your kitchen.
  • Install fire and smoke detector in your kitchen (if that’s feasible for you). Also, make sure they are working properly.
  • Make sure that you don’t put the fryer near any combustible things.
  • Let the oil cool completely before disposing them.
  • Never touch the fryer from bare hands.
  • Keep the pan’s lid closed. This will help you prevent yourself in case the hot oil starts bubbling.
  • Keep children out of your kitchen while you are deep frying. Kids have the habit of entering the kitchen when their favorite food is being prepared.

Bonus Tip: Never leave your frying pan unattended. Not even for a minute. Also, read the manual to familiarize yourself with the fryer.


While deep-frying, many of us get so indulge in cooking that we forget to follow the best security measures. Even if you have never followed the safety measures while cooking, it’s high time to do it. Follow the standards mentioned above to make sure you don’t harm yourself while deep-frying your favorite food.

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