Comments for yoga poses and posts Comments for yoga poses and posts

Do you want to share some appreciative words for yoga poses or posts on Instagram? Here you have it. In this post, we’re sharing the best things to say to yoga teachers, yoga influencers, or hobbyist yoginis. 

By complementing their yoga skills, you eventually thank them for the services as well as encourage them to keep doing the best work.

Whether you want to express your gratitude for their yoga tips or want to engage with their post right, with these good comments you can do it. 

Appreciating Comments For Yoga Poses 

Appreciating comments for yoga poses 

You are so impressed with the yoga poses they just showed. If it’s a one-minute reel or a tutorial to do yoga yourself, this is what you can comment on posts about yoga poses. 

  1. I’ve been trying this yoga for the last three weeks or more and I love it. 
  2. The poses you’re suggesting are so relaxing and easy to follow. 
  3. Love your videos. I’m so happy that now I learn more yoga poses than ever. 
  4. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for this yoga pose. 
  5. You share easy steps to perform yoga that anyone can do it. 
  6. I’m not a fan of yoga, but this pose has changed my whole perspective. 
  7. After performing it, I feel more relaxed. It’s like it opens up my body. 
  8. Thank you so much, this post helps me to get better sleep. 
  9. Keep calm and let’s do the next yoga pose. 

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Best Comments For Yoga-related Posts

Best comments for yoga related posts

For any yoga posts on social media, to engage with it right, make your comments unique. If you want to say something other than just ‘nice pose’ or ‘great tips’, these are relatable comments to leave on yoga pictures. 

  1. Agreed, the day I started yoga my life never be the same stressful again. 
  2. I am always looking forward to your yoga posts and tips. 
  3. Thank you so much for your yoga tips, they helped me change my life a lot. 
  4. For those who have no time to go to the yoga center, your page is a way to do it at home.  
  5. Take a deep breath, and relax your soul, it’s yoga time. 
  6. I just can’t miss any yoga poses they’re well on point and helpful. 
  7. Every time your posts come up, there’s a smile on my face. 
  8. Love what you do here. Your yoga poses are perfect tips for me. 
  9. If you ever start a yoga online class, I want to be the first to enroll for that. 
  10. I have been doing yoga for last two weeks and I can see the change.

Good Comments For Yoga Teachers 

Good comments for yoga teachers 

Call them yoga instructors or yoga teachers, their job is to help their students get satisfactory results by suggesting the right yoga training. When you want to appreciate your yoga trainer and you are already noticing some improvement, here’s how you can complement their yoga services. 

  1. Your way of teaching yoga really impresses me. Thanks a lot. 
  2. I’ve been to many yoga centers, but in my experience, this one is the best of all. 
  3. Honestly, I have never missed a single class of hers. She’s the best yogini I ever met. 
  4. It’s been two months since I started doing yoga with him, love his teaching style. 
  5. One of the best yoga instructors I met online or offline, I highly recommend them to anyone. 
  6. The great thing about them is they suggest yoga based on your personal goal. 
  7. I love every yoga program; they create personalized yoga training for each student. 
  8. This is not a typical yoga teacher, they care for every individual student’s yoga needs. 
  9. If you’re a beginner and not sure where to start yoga, this one is the place. 

Applauding Comments For Yoga Performance

Applauding comments for yoga performance

You don’t have to know everything about yoga to share an appreciation for someone doing yoga. Also, your comment does not have to be perfect. You love the yoga performance someone did on stage or social media, and these comments express your appreciation for them.  

  1. You are a well-trained and skillful yoga performer. I think to get yoga training from you. 
  2. It’s been the first time I ever witnessed someone doing yoga and it caught my attention. 
  3. Seeing your performance for the first time, develop my interest in yoga. 
  4. Such a skillful and artistic yoga performance. You must have practiced very hard. 
  5. This is so beautiful to watch. It is the perfect yoga performance I have ever seen. 
  6. Such an impressive performance from an expert yoga trainer and performer.
  7. I love the part about how you sequence every yoga pose. The transition is a wow element. 
  8. Well, I do not know much about yoga, but I can feel that it’s really beautiful. 
  9. Thanks, you much for your yoga performance, feeling like I saw it on a live stage. 
  10. So calming performance this is. Just seeing makes me so relaxed right now. 

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Final Thoughts

Hope you get the right things to share as compliments and comments for yoga posts and performances. It might seem like nothing much, but your few words of appreciation may help the yoga teacher or trainer to do their job more passionately. 

Let us know which comment is your favorite one. You can also leave your suggestion in the comments down below. 

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