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Bon Voyage! The Best Boating Holidays in Europe

People from all the over the world dream of traveling to Europe, but did you know that Paris, France, had close to 90 million visitors in 2017?

Europe has so many great places to travel to, that it can be difficult to pick one.

Is going on boating holidays in Europe always been your dream? There are many boating destinations to choose from! Here’s the best that Europe has to offer.

1. Greece

Greece may be one of the best countries to add to your list of places to go on boating holidays.

Relax on your vacation while sailing around Greece for a different perspective of the country. You will see the beauty of all the islands, discover some of the old fishing villages, and be truly alone in some of the bays.

Generally sunny, Greece is also the perfect place to relax on your boat and just soak up all of the sun rays.

If sailing isn’t your thing, you can also charter a yacht to explore the coast of Greece. There are charters in Rhodes, Athens, Mykonos, Skiathos, and more.

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2. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is known for its waterways that surround the archipelago.  They were used all the time for ships throughout history, but they are still popular waterways to visit.

If you want, you can go on a guided boat tour. You can learn about some of the history of the city. You could see beautiful parks and also admire the architecture.

If taking a guided tour isn’t really your thing, there are right of access laws which means that you can take your private boat through the channels as well. You can also anchor off any one of the tiny islands that make up the archipelago and do some exploring of your own.

3. Mecklenburg Lake District, Germany

Germany also has some beautiful places for a boating vacation.

In between the Baltic Coast and Berlin, there are beautiful lakes and canals. Not only are they beautiful, but you may also encounter some wild animals like otters and sea eagles as well.

Once you’re done being on the water, you could dock the boat and enjoy walking around the markets or even having a picnic.

4. France

France is also popular for boating holidays. There are routes that will take you through Burgundy, the Canal Midi, and the Loire Valley. There are also water routes that run along the border of France.

France offers something for everyone; you can choose between a city or a countryside vacation. The country is also popular for barge beginners.

5. The Southern Coast of Spain

Spain has a coastline that is over 1,700 kilometers long, and just like Greece can be the perfect destination to go sailing. Each part of the coast is different, and you can find something different to love at each one.

Also like Greece, there are many charter destinations and marinas all along the Mediterranean coastline. When you’re ready to dock the boat, Spain has some beautiful architecture, culture, and food to experience.

Go on These European Boating Holidays Today

These European boating holidays could be just what you needed for a nice, relaxing vacation.

These are only a few of the places to choose from, but you really can’t go wrong.

So what are you waiting for? Book your vacation today!

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