In the United States alone, employers pay around 1 million dollars every week in compensation for workers, and that figure doesn’t appear to be going down anytime soon. With fines and penalties escalating and medical costs through the roof, the expense of injury in the workplace can majorly hurt a business financially, but also in terms of their workforce.  Business these days simply can’t afford to neglect safety training for their staff, both from an ethical and monetary point of view. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, OSHA online safety training is far more accessible than ever before.

Since we’ve mentioned the importance of being trained and up to date, which every business should adhere to, every member of staff, including owners, managers, supervisors, and workers should receive training, but certain industries require more comprehensive safety training than others. Let’s explore who can benefit from these courses:

  • Construction, manufacturing, and other businesses, where powerful machinery is used daily in uncertain environments.
  • Businesses, like healthcare, that handle toxic or hazardous materials and waste, or that are exposed to chemicals.
  • Organizations that are involved in any type of transport service, particularly with specialized vehicles.

What Makes Training So Important?

Some companies neglect to provide up-to-date training for their staff and this is could cost their entire business to shatter in no time. With proper training, your business and staff can enjoy the following results:


1. Up To Date Info. Technology advances. Machinery and methods change. The law adapts. As a result, safety training materials need to be continuously updated for safety and to abide by the law. The benefit of OSHA online safety training is that it can be updated instantly from anywhere in a far more practical way than before.

2. Consistency is always crucial in training, but even more so in industries where safety is emphasized. Using an online training course ensures that all staff is exposed to the same content in the same manner.

3. This can be a massive consideration in certain, larger businesses and save tremendous amounts of time, money, and inconvenience. By law, employees must be trained in a language which they can understand, meaning that in many cases the same lessons need to be taught multiple times by a variety of instructors. The result is inconsistency and inefficiency.

4. There are several ways this is improved by training online. Firstly, employees don’t need to attend a classroom all at once, allowing work to go on as usual. Secondly, shift workers or anybody for that matter can train on a flexible schedule, to suit the needs of the business. Thirdly, those managers, supervisors, or ‘experts’ in the company, that were previously in charge of training can continue with their primary job responsibilities.

5. Keeping records in any business, particularly large ones, takes time, effort, and importantly, lots of space. Added to that, things take time to recover or get lost, misplaced, or damaged. Online training solves all of those problems because it is backed up, can be accessed in seconds and makes reports easy to access and due dates easy to see.

Training staff can cost time, energy and money. It’s a known fact. Take advantage of online safety training to minimize your cost and be able to have the confidence of having fully-trained personnel.

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