Benefits of ebooks over textbooks Benefits of ebooks over textbooks

A couple of years ago, educational publishers faced a dilemma in choosing between textbooks and eBooks. The publishers who had been designing printed textbooks for decades, soon realized that adapting to the digital revolution would be better for their businesses. And that is the reason most publishers shifted towards eBooks. This step has proved to be significant not only for the publishers but for the learners as well.

eBooks have a lot more to offer than a textbook. Some years ago, when Amazon introduced Kindle, they may not have realized the impact their product would eventually have on the education industry. The primary purpose of eBooks in schools is to make learning more engaging and reading more comfortable for the learners.

Therefore, these devices have a lot of features and functions that printed textbooks cannot provide. Schools and universities have started incorporating eBooks into their classroom as part of the syllabus.

Now the question that arises is whether eBooks can completely replace textbooks. Publishers are mostly questioned about the future of books in the digital age. Now they have a significant reason to claim that the printed textbooks are still flourishing, but it seems like the future of books will be digital. To understand this, let’s see some advantages of eBooks over printed textbooks.

5 Benefits of eBooks Over Printed Textbooks

1. Enables Flexible Reading

The eBooks offer learners the luxury of reading content anywhere and anytime. They can review their course materials, read helpful study guides by online paper writing service, and even take notes.

Since they are easy to carry, students can always keep the devices with them and access the content during breaks. The printed textbook takes a lot of space in their bags and carrying books every time is not something they would prefer. Therefore the eBooks have become a convenient option.

2. eBooks Are Portable

Though the printed textbooks are heavy and cumbersome to carry every time, eBooks are quite portable. Currently, with various eBooks available, learners have the free will to choose whichever they prefer.

They come in various sizes and are not heavy. Not only are they lightweight, but they can also store thousands of books. You can carry one book that contains all the curriculum contents. The topics can be organized and categorized systematically. It is a small portable library for all the students.

3. Allows Students to Customize a Page

The printed textbooks always come in a standard style and font size. Students cannot change anything about their appearance. On the other hand, eBook allows users to change the font style, background light, the size of letters, and brightness.

This allows the learners to read comfortably both outdoors and indoors. The e-reader with anti-glare screens allows comfortable reading even in the sunlight. The learners can also read in the dark by switching to the eye protection mode. They have spectacular features that you can’t find in textbooks.

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4. Enables Offline Reading

The eBooks don’t require a constant internet connection. Students can access the course content even in offline mode. They can download the course contents and save them to read later.

Besides, this brilliant feature is significant for students who don’t have access to a full-time internet connection or stay in remote areas where the network connection is poor. This allows them to have 24/7 access to content and to help them to study their course material anytime they want.

5. It Has Multiple Interactive Features

The eBooks are considered to be interactive since they are developed, keeping the growing students in mind. We all know that people have a short attention span and that it is becoming increasingly hard to keep them engaged and focused on one material.

Thus, the book publishers are incorporating videos, images, and audios into eBooks. Such interactive features keep the learners engaged in the learning process to understand and retain the information better.

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Final Thoughts

As the students nowadays are glued to their tablets and smartphones, they find it very convenient to refer to their study materials on digital devices. To keep the learners interested and engaged, the book authors are inventing various interactive and customizable features to suit their requirements. Do you still ask whether the printed textbook will become absolute in the future?

Most probably, the print and textbook might not become absolute, but when there’s a much more reliable option, why not use it instead? Switching from textbooks to eBooks is significant not just for the students but also for the publishers and educators.

EBooks have proven that they are relatively more interactive and engaging than textbooks. Considering the advantages that the eBooks deliver, the publishers and institutions must try and utilize them as much as possible to deliver a conducive learning experience to the learners.

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